Derketo bonefires (the one next to pagoda thralls bug

Game mode: [1930 pve “official” |
Problem: [ Bug |
Region: [US]

in one of the bonfire next to pagoda) when the npcs agrro they jump and run inside the rock … and therefore cant be accessed.

i dont know why i am wasting my time reporting this , as it wont be even noticed by devs and therefore it aint going to get fixed anytime soon as with so many other bugs being reported… pretty sure they believe their game is flawless.

good day

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve noticed this too, but if you hop down between the pagoda and rock and wait, they’ll come out of the rock to attack you. You’ll just need to wait maybe 10-15 sec before they show up, but I’ve never had an instance of them not coming out, and I’ve done A LOT of thrall farming over there.

As someone who has done a lot of farming in that area, this bug is a nasty one. Most of the time, they pop out of the rock as mentioned, but occasionally they do not;

I have lost a T4 thrall this way–fell under the map I presume because they respawned as a different lower-tier thrall 10 minutes later as if I had killed them.