Derketo 'Curtain' collision box issue

Game mode: [ All ]
Type of issue: [ Other ]
Server type: [ All ]
Region: [ All ]
Mods?: [ N/A ]

Bug Description:

I’ll start off my noting that my character in this image is scaled down to 0.83 height, which might exaggerate the effect somewhat, but I think it demonstrates my point.

This image was taken after facing the curtain from the side and trying to walk into it. I get stopped like 3 feet away from the curtain. These props seem perfectly designed to frame doorways and passages, but trying to actually use them for this purpose is a pain because there’s so little room to walk between the collision boxes.

Expected Behavior:

Please adjust the collision box to more accurately fit the visual design of the curtains.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

Hang curtain to frame 2-tile wide passage. Try to walk through. Climb on air.

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Hi @TCOM_Charlie and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this issue over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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