Derketo priests

do we have priest , high priest and archpriest of derketo? or only the regular priest?


Nope. But we have another DLC. just buy it © Funcom

Derketo priests are purge thralls

Yes we do. found derketo archpriest today

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Where did you find him?

it was released today after the new patch

Where do they spawn? Checked the pagoda and found nothing. The pagoda of lusts right? No new spawns there for us.

I believe they are supposed to spawn at the 2 new bonfires on the left of the pagoda.

Darn it someone blocked them on my server

Just got one at the far left bonfire…dam…yea the first bonfire on the left has a stairway by it on my server and nothing is spawning there…anyone know if npc’s even spawn there?

Got an archpriest knocked out but it fell through the map when i jumped of the plateau and accidently hit a tree and grabbed it. Farmed a biti more and found a named priest called Ketmet the Whisperer in the same spawn point. Pretty sure it is an archpriest as well.

After 4 respawns, the named priestess spawned.

Haven’t seen the archpriest perse, but the named is guaranteed to be better than an archpriest heh. A surprising fact (Or maybe not), it’s the first female thrall I find with tiny breasts.

I found a Derketo archpriest from the lower-level of the black galleon about a week ago (before the patch.)

They pop around the Lemurian stronghold in the jungle, saw 3 or 4 archpriests today.

They were blocked on my server too but thankfully the clan that was blocking them relocated their base.

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