Derketo Religious Trainer Spawn Block

Official PvE Server 2504 this guy is blocking the Derketo Religious Trainer is there anything we can do about this?

His player name seems to be: 2533274803209746

He has tons of misc structures like this all over the server, several people have been complaining about them… I never had a problem until I discovered this.

Nope. Just gotta wait for the decay timer.
Funcom won’t moderate such things.

I do believe they are working on anti-griefing systems though, such as making it so people can’t build in such places.

That’s a sad day then…

I’d rather not drop 50 Skill Points into a new religion when I have the capability to learn it from a source…

Yeah I understand that.
You would be able to reclaim those points later though.

Do I need to post this in a different place?

A mass majority of us on this server have been having issues with this guy… it looks like he’s using hacks to mask his Gamertag… when he logs in he builds another building under one name, and when he’s on the next day that same structure is owned by that large string of numbers in the OP…

Can I get an admin to msg me back, or is there another way to report this kind of stuff?

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