Derketo T4 priest not spawning

When I summoned an avatar in Testlive official server, I used a T3 Mitra priest. It took me so long to find one too. I never did see a T4 for Mitra. So I assume it will be the same for Live.

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WTf where u get thim spawning, its now day 11 maybe 12… i still dont get any T3 or T4 spawns, only T4 what spawns there are too many smelters somehow… but now i feel like each offic server has it own config on thralls spawn…

In singleplayer t4 spawned first time…

Official online - 12 days - not higher than T2…

By the way maybe its visual bug, but each altair can spawn god with T3 priest, except derketo…( also wiki says that)

I am also quite sure, that I see the crafting option for god things with my T3s…
Also the wiki backs this up and I am pretty sure, many PvPers are only targeting the T3 versions, as the break faster in the wheel (at least I wrote that statement once in a PvP thread regarding priests).

But some wiki pages dont list T3 as able… But as priests are quite some time in the game, many of that things can be outdated.

Like resource cost reduction… I dont think I get any, when I make Derketo clothes. But here I am not sure. Have to test later.

OMG, moment when i have 5 mitras T4 priests… but i never seen any derketos…
For me :
Most T4 priests ;
First place goes to - Mitra (5)
Second - Set (3)
Third place - Ymir (2 maybe 3)
4. place -Jebal sag ( 1 , tho i hunted that one down 2 days )
5. place - Yog ( Got T3 but not jet T4 tho always some priest spawns
6. place - derketo ( 12 days , 3-6 hours per day stalking, not higher than T2 )…

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Most T4: Set ~10.
Then Ymir: ~8
Then Mitra: ~7
Jhebbal ~6
Yog= 2 (and killed one, when his name was bugged - no yellow border)
Derketo = 1

ZERO from the purge. Only got armorers and blacksmith from purges.

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Same for me, but my preferred build location is just outside Set City Temple Quarter. So I see Hoshun and Amnut all the time.

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Yeah… When farming for armores I took them with me quite often :slight_smile:

And Ymir priest because, she spawns often and can be topless :stuck_out_tongue: So I farmed for her actively, to put her in my 3 Ymir altars at some outposts (so that I can find them easier in the night :wink: - volcano, jungle and mounds of the dead)

Let the hat fly ! whohoo :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh sorry. Sorry for that mistake. :blush:
But only one is that right? Not 2?

U are to late, Jot was the first.

well this shows us only that you be playing for a while not that they all magicaly appear every day, cause I can do the same :

6 named in the 6 altars and all of what is in boxes :

But I don’t say I caught all of them in a matter of weeks , It took me a lot of time to capture all os those , on my server we do trading of T4’s against hardened bricks so there are my priest stocks for trading

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And yet only 1 T4 derketo… This bastards are more rare than Grrr Legbiter :smiley:

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Only 1 T4 and 1 T3… I killed another T3, when I farmed for the T4. I should have stayed there, when I got the first T4… But then I went to farm Shendelzare which I am still missing… Damn black hands!

I play 1 year and few months now.
In the last months, i played only 1h 1day per week.
I doesnt need everyone of every cult. Only 1 or 2.
I play on PS4 on a Offi, no shop. Hard work to catch them. So its like a Hardmode without a Shop or Admin. :wink:

I’ve only been playing a few months, but I’ve still never seen him.

T3 Derketo could create god tokens:

Even the Derketo one. So wiki is outdated/wrong in that.

Also see the costs for a Derketo dancer piece with archpriest/T3:

And with T4:

So no cost reduction… I think thats long gone. You would only need a T4 Ymir priest for the Berserker drought. And maybe T4 priest still have a speed advantage when crafting things…

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After ~1year now I have 3 of them and 1 was killed from a friend before capturing him. Also the first 3-4 months I had no clue about thralls (where to get which type, etc) and was not really farming them.

Only non purge armorer I am missing is: Shendelzare and Chieftain Aslaug.

Worst thing is: I even played when the Chieftains were spawning every 15mins, but I was more of a fan from the volcano than New Asagarth and it was in the time, I didnt care about thrall hunting…
Currently I have every other Chieftain type, except that damn armorer… But I despise NA even more now… So long farming and still… But you get plenty of steel.

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It used to be only Archpriests (T3) back then.
And iirc, there were only 3 tiers of priests: Priest → High Priest → Arch Priest.

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Btw I have Broodwarden Raiss with 20k LP do u have him?
He is very rare only 5 Player have him. Without Shop, admin or p.server.
Let me know if u got him on a offi server. :v:t4:
He is a T5 Volanco Purge Fighter

not yet , but I hope sooner than later :wink:

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