Desert Rider being monopolised by one particular multiboxer

Not naming names, do NOT buy desert rider LRs. Just encouraging this MBer to exploit this event more.

If FC had a decent bone left in their body they would police this a little. Event loot should be accessible to everyone, not just raids of endgame 220s or people with 1.5bil to spare.

EDIT: clarified that this is only ONE MB. Others seem to have common decency to not do what he is doing

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hes such a cool guy tho.

if you had 10+ accs, wouldnt you log them all to sell the loot every time?


If you feel another player is violating the rules of conduct or abusing an unintended mechanic, please report them directly to in-game Support using the in-game petition function ("/petition" in your chat window) so that we can make sure the matter is investigate as swiftly as possible. We aren’t able to effectively investigate reports like this through the forums.

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It’s not any of these things but just because it’s not officially listed as violation of the rules doesn’t mean it’s not hurting the game.

Rules change

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Hello anyone still salty about this please email me ty