Desert rider Nomad mobs since patch

Since the last patch, it seems teh number of Nomads out in the wild are spawning sparsely. It seems that the number of birthday trash for tinker is sparse also.

In PW, there seems to be about a 3rd of the mobs if not 25% of the mobs that there was before the patch and those that are still spawning, their chance to drop the trash loot seems to be about 25% of what it was pre patch.

Could somebody please look into this.

There is a rapidly expiring expiration date on these before they evaporate for another year. Its gonna be months before halloween for the lya sangis.

Would be appreciated if the number of spawns and the % chance could be raised back to what it was.

Definatly fewer Nomads in PW, noticed this on the 12th, where I could run from one to another it was then a case of running around for a few minutes to find another, there were others hunting them at the time, it seems others may have noticed this as well as in the last 2 hours i’ve seen no one else bothering to hunt them.

Loot seems about the normal drop to me

WTB zone reset

Yeah I guess it makes perfect sense that the fewer mobs would make the % chance of drops seem less to me.

Please reset zone :slight_smile: