Deserter - I would like it Removed

There are many crashes in game and that thing is more then a nuisance then any body deserting on there own Nothing is more frustrating then Game crashes resulting in you getting a penalty for an action not taken and I think it be nice if it was removed please if you agree lets be herd add to this and THANKYOU for a place to voice …… FYI I love SWL its MY GAME but this one little thing makes me grrrrrrr.


No. No. No.

Just fix it where it’s broke. Don’t get rid of it. That’s a horrible idea.

I agree 100%
I just said this in discord and i have said it many times before
Most often it is you who are punished through the games own inability to recognise you had a disconnection.
If that could be altered then fine - but i don’t think it can.
If you vote kick a person - then you have already solved your problem by removing the player from your group.
The kicked person is where the debuff should apply to - ONLY
Again, if it could be applied like this then fine, but i don’t think it can.
It’s another one of these all or nothing things we have held over us and with no staff to do anything to anything we are stuck with it.
Anyone who thinks this should stay in it’s present form has to be joking.


I agree, there is no point keeping a debuff most of times punishes crashes and not “deserting”,