Despawning Struktures?!

im Playing on Server Eu-PvP-1120. Im building at Watcher od the Passage, Yesterday night base was untouched after i was sleeping for 6 hours half of the base was gone. No raid time, no explosiv dmg, just despawned. What can i do?

Rebuild. That’s pretty much the only option you have.

The decay system is buggy and sometimes things vanish without it being logged.
People have been known to be able to destroy bases without it being raid time and without anything being logged.

One of those two things is probably what happened. I don’t play on official servers myself but I have seen a lot of reports on these problems.

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Hi there,

I have moved this thread to PC Updates and Bug Reports topic for better visibility.

Earlier today I noticed one of our two blacksmith stations with a T4 thrall had disappeared. It was standing on T3 foundation (black ice). There was no trace of it at all.

Oh well, got to rebuild it and see if I can find a new T4 blacksmith thrall then.

I log in a few hours later and find that the armor bench and a chest full of legendary weapons and end game armor also has vanished. Absolutely no trace of it. Just empty foundation inside a house.

If this happens one more time it’s game over for me. Why put several hours of my life into something that randomly disappear cause of a bug?? -.-

And today more structures had disappeared since last logout. 2 improved firebowl cauldrons with T4 thralls and another chest. Great fun!!!

What all these structures have in common was that they were placed on Black Ice WEDGE foundations. Some of the structures that disappeared were standing half on square and half on wedge foundations, others only on wedge foundations.

So for now I’m rebuilding the entire base and placing stuff on square foundations only.

Also I’m praying every time I log on. Hopefully Derketo answers to my prayers and leave all my structures intact.

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