Destinys Edge - Fresh Wipe 12/18 - PVP Weekend Raiding - 300 LVLS/AOC/EEWA/DarkWoods/Sky Island + The Best Mods


Been on the server for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying the balance of PVP and PVE content!

I have been really enjoying this server overall. The community is a little small but very helpful! The admin are very beautiful and majestic! You can level to 300. The rates on the server are going to 3x if I understand correctly. During raid weekends (sat and sunday) there is a good amount of people pushing 30.

Overall I rate my experience so far 8.5 out of 10 and would/still am playing on this server.

Pretty Good server, new to all the mods but having fun learning. There is a lot of lag issuse to be fair but still enjoying the play time.



So been trying to join the server. I have all the mods it says i should, however when it restarts the game and goes to the attempting to join game after reboot it almost always Freezes. I tried direct connect with the IP yall provided but it alwasy times out saying server can’t be found. any help?

The direct connect IP was changed a little while ago, you should be able to direct connect here or find it in the list

thanks i got it working now. So far server seems fun. found a ncie group of peopel taht are on adn active the market is nice. Can’t wait to see what happens next


Kinda weird tactic, kinda sad that you create 3+ new accounts every month to reply and make false claims about your server. If you scroll up you can see he only posts once a month and all these reviews come in the same day.

Check the date they published, how old the accounts are, and when they were created.

@Ignasis is this allowed?

If you are saying that I am creating fake accounts to make replies on this thread then you are completely wrong. All it would take is a moderator here to check the IP of those accounts to confirm it.

People post in this thread because they genuinely like playing on the server and consider it to be one of the best servers they have ever joined, just ask any of the veteran players in our discord. For you to spread false conspiracy theories in this thread based off of 0 evidence just shows your lack of character and that you are probably one of those few bad seeds who came to the server thinking you could raid people outside of the raid times or break other rules and get away with it. You are now bitter over the fact that the admins on the server wouldn’t tolerate your bs so you come to this thread to spread false rumors in an attempt to hurt the server. Truly sad.
@ignasis I invite you to please come and check the IP of each of the accounts above and put these false rumors to rest once and for all.

How’s it 0 evidence when anyone can deduce and find the strangely timed “Once a month reviews” is most obviously you on other accounts.

You’re telling me all these players created a new forum account and within a minute, navigated to your post and left a review?

90% of those accounts haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on the forums, and every single one of them posts on their date of creation.

And actually I’ve never played a modded server or any server that wasn’t Official PvE, so nice try still living in the past.

It’s obvious those two destroyed your reputation and you’re so desperately trying to get it back,
but resorting to upvoting and praising your own server off of 15+ accounts? That’s extremely petty.

I invite anybody to just check the dates posted, the amount of time each of these accounts has spent on the forums, when they were created, and the strangely timed “Once a month” reviews where everybody seemingly gets together to post?

I know you’re renting your own server as an admin so you already live in a fantasy land, but to think anybody would be stupid enough to believe you?
That’s you living in a true fantasy land.

That’s weird, so you claim every single one of these people created a forum account, went straight to your post to leave a review and that’s it? In less than 5 minutes?

That’s right. If you bothered to check our discord you would find that ANYONE who posts an honest review here of the server(whether negative or positive) receives pippi gold on our server. Next time use some common sense and check the circumstances surrounding that before you spread your ridiculous false/baseless conspiracy theories. It’s truly sad how you just exposed what a loser you are who just wasted all your time taking screenshots and posting them to promote some delusion you made up in your head in an attempt to hurt a server you will never be a part of again out of your bitterness. Thanks for the thread bumps :wink:

You clearly needed the thread bumps if you’re creating 5 forum accounts a month just to post.

Somebody straight salty I exposed his method of recruitment.

Again you make it seem like I was in your server already, or think anyone would want to be in it after finding out you abuse mod powers and spend your day creating multiple accounts to bump your forums.

You’re the only forum post here who has to bump every week because of how desperate you are for a new playerbase.

I see year old posts for servers with more players than you, and they’ve got a whole 20 posts.
Imagine having to pay people to leave a review.

Mad and bitter is all you are. You have 0 evidence to back up your claims, only your delusional speculations. You can ask anyone who actually plays on this server and they will tell you the admins on Destinys Edge are the most fair you will ever find and do NOT, nor will they ever abuse admin powers like other servers have done. I’m looking forward to when @Ignasis and the funcom moderators come to weigh in on this thread and shut down your absurd claims.