Destroy a Dragon: Journey Step Not Working

EU1_PVP server
I killed a dragon (with a bow) and it didn’t complete the journey step

On another occasion we killed one with the clan on a normal server (Vanilla, no mods) I used a pike, also didn’t complete. I didn’t have the last blow. Could that be it?

What kind of dragon, and where is it located ?
I know, some was recognised, some not. Had this in the past.

I usually use the small dragons in Unnamed City, they work. Haven’t tried on testlive now.

Yes, but this is testlive forum, so…

Not sure for the dragon, a while since i killed one in the city in live build.

One of the dragons in the undead city.
Yes it is on testlive.

I got the journey step on other servers in the past, so not sure if this is a post-patch issue or not.

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