Destroyed T3 Yog Pit - Avatar Shield Stayed Up

Game mode: Official PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: America

So tonight our clan went to do a raid at The Crevice, and on the east side where there’s a pit, the defending clan had a T3 Yog Pit up with an Avatar shield active. We blew in and blew it up… and the bubble stayed up. We tried shooting arrows to see if it was just a visual glitch, nope, inner bubble still there blocking arrows. Relogged, nope, bubble still up. Forgot to take a screenshot of the map showing no Yog token, but attached are some screen grabs clearly showing the bubble there…

That first picture that’s all dark, that’s where the Yog Pit was, clearly no pit there.


Had exactly same problem with a pit of yog on my server.

Admin removed the pit by shift deleting it as was unraidable base but the bubble stayed up permanently!

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Lol!!! Even an admin can’t remove the bubble… now that’s rich. Sorry to hear I’m not the only one who had this bug.

I think it’s the case of mostly all altars. The bubble simple don’t despawn.
I have a server with the bubble up for long time, they never dispear and no server restart or whatever can remove them.

True, although I’ve noticed some servers the bubble is actually going away after 36 hours like it’s supposed to. Very weird.

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