Detailed Graphics has MAJOR LAG since update 2.4.4 PS4

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Performance]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [ Oceania]
Hardware: [ PS4 pro ]

Bug Description:

*Since the latest update 2.4.4 on ps4, there is so much lag in the detailed graphics load. In player camps it’s taking 40 seconds or more to load full details for people and objects. Then if you move to another room, same issue, you go back to previous room or area and has to do re-load again! It was NOT like this prior to update the lag was only very brief, but now it is almost unplayable. As a avid player of Conan Exiles, I find this very upsetting. This is the opposite of optimization.

Expected Behavior:

That the detailed graphics of anything within a 20 meter radius of character loads within a few seconds

Steps to Reproduce:

*load game, walk around any decent sized camp set up with followers and ojbects, observe the time lag in the detailed graphics load for followers, animals, etc., note your frustration as you move back n forth from rooms, only to have the same items need to re-load again. *

A thread already exists for this bug: here.

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