Detect Resources too Powerful

Now that Detect Resources is free to use and lasts forever, the super secret side effect of also adding Careful Harvest to it (oops, secret’s out now) is overpowered.

This makes the Careful Harvest perk effectively useless since it can easily be gotten from sorcery instead.

Alternatively, change the Careful Harvest perk to increase the amount of rare resources acquired when they are harvested so that Careful Harvest also increases in usefulness when combined with Detect Resources.


Doesn’t this only increase the chance of getting rare resources? Like when you hit obsidian you get more gold ore since this is rarer?


So how does Detect Resources make Careful Harvest useless?
They both have a different purpose

One is only active when you harvest
The other only makes you see resources

One doesn’t give you the same benefit as the other

I think Careful Harvest is useless in another way though, the other perk in the same league gives you double the resource which can also apply on rare resources.

Detect Resources gives you Careful Harvest. Like I said, it is a super secret side effect of that spell.

There are other spells with super secret side effects too, like Slow Fall increasing your carry capacity.

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I don’t mind sorcery spells to be usefull. At the moment sorcery in general seems to me to be underpowered overall.

Sure, as long as they aren’t making regular perks useless. Detect Resources can keep its current ability if they adjusted Careful Harvest to do something else instead.


Where does the information that Detect Resources grants Careful Harvest while active?
First time I heard of it, so I am surprised (although not that surprised because Conan devs just regularly make stuff broken lmao)



wow, some classified information cool, and does it stacks if you are using the perk?

It does not. It makes Careful Harvest useless.


i will have to test tonight, withou careful harvest i can get near 1600 gold on a run trough vulcano. with the perk it rise to near 2300-2500 on a lucky day. I will try without the perk with the spell activave

which other eftects spells do?

Everything I learn, I add to the wiki.


Shut up, @Tephra ! :zipper_mouth_face:
Someone has got to control this guy!
You’re not supposed to tell those secrets! :smile:

too late

Weird didn’t know, thanks for the info’s :heart:

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