Deterioration Time Resetting without having to enter the server


Game mode: [Online | PVP| Official]
Problem: [Glitch/bug]
Region: [Latin America]

Help Ignasis !!!

Hello ignasi, I’m having a problem with the deterioration issue on the Official 3985 server in Latin America, I’m trying to damage a construction of the EH OS GURI clan that left the server 1 week ago, and the deterioration time is resetting instantly alone without any member of that clan enter, I hope you help me because the place next to the lemur obelisk is very polluted, thanks for your attention.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Base resetting instant deterioration time without having to go online.
2.we check every ten minutes and always reset the time

It is impossible for you to know if they are connected or not, you have to check 24-7. All they need is to connect for 2 min to refresh their timers and thats it. Still i have to inform you that the decay system is very aggressive, if you don’t visit your posts often you will loose them from decay.

Doing damage to someone’s base will reset a decay timer. If building damage is not on, trying to do damage to someone’s base will also reset a decay timer (sometimes it takes 2 bombs, sometimes only 1) Meteors will also reset a decay timer if it damages someones base with or without build damage being turned on.

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Hi @Lord_Kenway7, this is something that is currently working as expected but that we’re also planning to address in a future patch, since it can effectively impair efforts of cleaning up the server from abandoned structures.

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