Detritus Prime: Remote does not go to quickbar upon assembly

During the Blue Mountain side mission Detritus Prime, after getting the parts for the remote and using it to assemble it, the assembled remote does not automatically get slotted onto the quick bar. It appears in the mission item inventory just fine.

I’ve had this happen every time I did the mission over the last couple of days (ie. 1-2 times daily) during my hunt for Solomon agents.

Minor thing, but could cause a moment of alarm with newer players.

In many missions throughout the game mission items going onto the bar have all sort of problems. Sometimes the same item will appear 2 or 3 times on the bar, sometimes items never go on to the bar even when slots are open. Sometimes items on bar aren’t usable until you remove them and put them back on.

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The placement of items into the quick bar fails if the game thinks you are in combat (which it often does for extended amounts of time and unknown reasons).

Considering I’ve always had sprint on when this happened over the last couple of days, it wasn’t the ‘in combat’ issue.

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