Dev devkit question, some known bugs


Does marking a created variable “[x] config” work, as in allowing a config file to specify the variable’s value on game start? I’m not getting this to work.

Fixes (sorta) for known bugs…
Bone arrows/bolts weight is wrong (way too heavy, like x10+), should craft 10 not one, and the inventory icons are swapped.
Arrow sticking to the hand… (this fix is a way around it, not a real fix) “none” the arrow mesh / display model.
Light sources illuminating the opposite side of character hair - which is relative to how close the light source is. Unfortunately I did about a month of trial and error before I got a fix (which is not fully complete as beards and pube hair are not included). I believe it involved an opaque base skin with mask stuff over, as opposed to using the hair shader. I cannot check this as my PC motherboard/cpu have failed again, second time in less than a year (unfortunately)