[Dev kit] unable to upload mod on Steam

I did a mod with Dev Kit. I cooked it successfully, I wanted to try on Single player first, but when I want to upload built mod to Steam, I have an error :

Couldn’t update item ‘1443459054’: Unexpected error. Are you sure the item hasn’t been deleted from the Workshop and you are logged in with the correct account on Steam?
Was the item deleted from the Workshop?

The mod is visible on Steam, I can subcribe to it, but it take 0.000 Mb, so it doesnt work cause it’s not visible in my mods list on the game.
I can update mod info to Steam, like description, preview image, name and so on, but I’m not able to upload it.

Anybody can help me with this issue please?

  • I was connected to my Steam account
  • I stopped Steamguard
  • I stopped antivirus
  • I tried to restart Dev kit, Steam, PC
  • Dev kit, Epic game launcher, Steam are updated

Still doesnt work.

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