Dev Q&A Stream: August 4 [VODs now available]

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Exiles! Join Dennis and the community team as we tackle more of your burning questions! We’ll be going over comments from social media, the forums, reddit, etc., but this thread is open if you’d like to leave a specific question. Plus, it’ll make our lives easier to collect questions! :adnyplz:

We’ll definitely be on and, barring technical issues with our new setup, we’ll also be streaming on YouTube. Embeds can be found in this post later.

See ya there! :smiley:


Can we please get a confirmation that pets will remain untouched by nerfs? I know they have only mentioned thralls, but it would be nice to know pets will remain as they are now. :confused:


When is the testlive for 3.0 released?


Admit it. Patch 2.9 is bigger than 3.0 because it fixes Lasting Feast, Cimmerian Feast, and implements the Mummy of the Ring wink wink

  1. Release Date?
  2. More beta testers needed?
  3. Should you start a new game for the best experience, or is sorcery something for level 60 anyway?
  4. Will thralls only be nerfed, or will there be a complete rework? What happens with their attributes? Will hidden damage modifiers still be a thing? Will purge thralls become stronger than non-purge thralls again?
  5. Will the income from the shop be used to fix bugs/missing content (e. g. Telith’s Ghost, Mummy of the Ring)?
  6. Will the income from the shop be used to add new content (dungeons, maps, enemy types)?

Will buying a full set of cosmetics (building pieces, armors, weapons, et al) cost more after 3.0 than it did when it was sold in a DLC set? If so, how much more on average?

  1. release date? :wink:

  2. how often will the battlepass change?

  3. New dungeons?

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So, first of all, thank you for the continuous and amazing work on the game.
Now the questions:

  • Are there plans for a Unnamed City Revamp, since it feels too empty and with not that much to do for such a wide area.
  • Since there is such a (too) great support on followers and they’re being nerfed, can we expect some small improvements on players stats, even without corrupted attributes?
  • New regular (not undead), mounts?
  • Can we get a fire sword, please?!?!?! That gives light (duh?) And deals aswell burn damage overtime.

Thank you so much again for your work and effort. It’s been some amazing years already playing Conan Exiles and I’m excited about the future.

Have a great day!


Hey there! Since the avatars came back into the game the PvP aspect has grown more and more towards just nuking each other with an avatar. To the point where it became unplayable if you wanted to have a medium size clan with a functioning IRL. Because farming 500 zeals for avatar protection every 48hours really puts a strain on the fun-ness of the game.

It is way to easy to get an avatar, and way to hard to protect against it. A 10 man clan can farm one in an hour and lay waste to hundreds of hours played by a medium size clan that just don’t want to spend their entire playtime farming 500 zeals every 48 hours.

And making the workbenches so big makes playing hide and seek impossible.

The total of this experience made me quit the game about 5 months ago. It was just full out nuke-war with avatars and no fun pvp any more.

And the reason for this entire post is: I want to keep playing. I want to get that good pvp experience back.

And one might say: “Just go private server and turn avatars off”. But yeah. Private servers usually end with:
A) Admin abuse
B) Server taken down.
-I do in fact host my own servers. But I don’t want to be playing on my own servers because i want the players to be sure there will be no admin abuse.

So my question is: Can you please put up some official pvp servers without avatars. And if not, why not? (Not being sarcastic)

With 5000 hours played and loads of friends from the community I can asure you I am not the only one doing a comeback if this we’re to come to life. This would be good for Conan Exiles and this would be good for all those PvP players wanting to come back to PLAY, not farm tokens.

Bonus questions if time:

  1. What was really done with the avatars during the rebalance period they we’re offline? They seemed to come back in exact the same overpowered manner.
  2. Is there any plans to adjust the strength of avatars? Because for the experienced PvP player, both offence and defence, they are really really gamebreaking.

But again. I just hope we could get a few official servers without avatars. That would be sweet! Thanks, and have a good one!


Please can you confirm if greater hyenas will be fixed in this patch, they have been impossible to get for too long on Xbox and after several forum posts nothing is being done

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Are you going to look into your moderation system on the official servers? I am speeking about:

  • not clear building restrictions
  • report abusing people (the more reported you are, the more likely you are going to get suspended/banned)
  • no warning system
  • no ability to negotiate your suspension and no ability to get back your stuff
    The system clearly does not work, as you can see in multiple threads (mostly on the other social media, as those here are getting closed as though there were no problem at all).

clicks not going

Cause it was at Zero, and I felt bad for it…
…also, I’ll be asleep… If I’m lucky and don’t work. I’ll sleep in… or catch the stream XD


Question wise… rrrr… Not Age of Sorcery related, but building pieces.

Few of old building pieces that have been, just not working as intended, or maybe as intended. Or need a QoL pushed out.

Triangle Ceiling tiles needs a base part to connect, Can they get a attachment to side as well, if even only +1.
I love Tree Top Foundation base… If you want a section open, (cause its inside) you can’t cover up holes with out Wooden Support Strut. It be nice to have all6 on top (ceiling pieces) closed.
Not need 3-4 Supports holding each one up.

Which leads to Stable Fence Pillars, which STILL can not have stuff attached to the top… maybe its intended. It would work so much better as window piece if it offered Support. Or just worked as a wall.

If its Intended…fine… been asking for years. Seems to never get mentioned. 2 of those small QoL’s bother me for years.

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I just want to know how much things will cost. FULL STOP. There are better things I can do with my money, especially in these financially restricted times we are living through. I didn’t mind paying £15.00 every 3 months, or so, for dlcs, but I refuse to pay £15.00 a month for the battle pass and Crom Coins so that I can have those building / item skins.

Hello Dennis & Team,

1) As the community will most likely lose Pippi Mod, is Funcom somehow involved in that behind the scenes? Perhaps making their own admin tool part of the base game?

2) Is there a way to make things built in Creative Mode to not give any resources back when leaving the Creative Mode and dismantling the building piece?

3) Will the modded Feat IDs, Recipe IDs, Armor Pieces, and Weapons need a rework or just a simple update with 3.0?

4) Any plans to introduce new Body Types?

5) Any plans to re-do, rework or add more map content in Exiled Lands map?

Thank you and good luck with the launch!

  • How will the Battle Pass progression and items be tied to my account?

  • Can I join any server I want and complete “daily objectives”? Will they only be doable on official servers?

  • If an objective is “kill X dogs of the desert” (I believe this was used in an example) then am I able to join an online private server, use the admin panel to summon in the NPCs and kill them?

  • Will daily objectives be all PVE based? Or is there a plan to include PVP dailies?

  • Would you ever consider account linking between Steam and other account services? I play across multiple platforms, I would love to unlock things on PC and then be able to use them on console. (I’m not going to die on this hill)

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Most of you have already asked the questions I wanted to ask, so I’ll ask another. :slight_smile:

  • /1. Is this assumption true? and if so all elements or just functions?

  • /2. on private servers, will the Battle pass be completable, and will the daily tasks be completable?
    2-A In Admin mode, can things be easily farmed out or can server settings or modes make it easier to farm out the Battle Pass, what measures are being taken to combat this?
    2-B Server owners if there are going to be blacklisted modes or settings what can they do to make battle pass available on their server.

  • /3. On RP servers, a persistent problem is the poor configurability of Voichat in 3.0, any chance of this feature getting an update?
    ( Whisper - normal speech - shouting ) These are just the distance of the voice generated around the character would be a small but very useful change, could this be fixed in a future update or even the current one?

  • /4. unfortunately there are no coercive tools in the game against players, neither chains nor ropes, only in ways that are designed for +18 content, which is what they have planned for Rp servers, so that you can capture someone without them feeling like they are being raped.
    (I know it’s a funny question, but it’s also important)

I look forward to replies on behalf of SFR Roleplay And Conan Exiles Hungary group as well.
Thank you.

Can we please get a statement from a dev on stream about the banning going on it would really help out a lot since most people don’t use the forums

Additional question for the banning can you guys implement a system where you give warnings (like give the clan a certain amount of time to fix there base or whatever bannable offense they did before banning) rather than banning immediately bcuz some clans on pvp abuse the banning system and warnings will give clans time to adjust before they lose everything they worked for

Also if you get banned will you lose everything you got in the battle pass even if you paid cash for it


Let’s say the new attribute system is very unbalanced and forces pvp into one type of play, how soon can we expect there to be balancing changes to allow more variety? During testlive? Within weeks? Months?

  1. Do zombie thralls always look the same, or are appearance traits like hair, skin color, and other details carried over into their appearance?
  2. Will we ever be able to turn into beasts ourselves?
  3. Will we eventually get musical instruments for players and thralls? (Especially for dancers)
  4. Are we ever going to get more control over the weather from the admin menu? Really dense fog would be nice, for example. The fog value in the menu doesn’t seem to affect anything at the moment.
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I would like to have an answer whether or not you are still able to pick up building pieces into your inventory, and place them from there, after the new building system is introduced into the game.