Dev Q&A Stream: August 4 [VODs now available]

To piggy back on this how is the purchase of crom coin going to work exactly. Will it be a FC driven thing or will you utilize Steam, Xbox and PS stores or is it both?

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Is there going to be an admin setting to change the amount of attributes/feat points for a server or will we still need a mod for that?

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About your first question, @stelagel, you can.
I don’t remember how it was on PS4, but on PS5 all you have to do is enabling the option that allows other users to play games on that console. It says offline, but it works for Conan.
Now, in a second PS5 you used to be able to do this too, but not anymore.
Let me give you a practical example. Imagine I logged in with my account from my ps5. Then Afonso logged in from his, since I had said option enabled on his ps5. Then I wanted to switch to Marta’s account on my ps5. All I had to do was enabling that option while Afonso was logged in and I could use her account, while he was playing, but he had to be playing for me to do this. Now it doesn’t let you. You have to go to the other playstation and disable said option, thus not allowing Afonso to play simultaneously.
So I bought him a PSN subscription and the game with all the dlcs. This way we can be both playing online and I can also change to Marta’s account.

BUT I have good news for you. If one of you is using a PS4 and the other is using a PS5, this doesn’t seem to apply so you would both be able to play the game at the same time without the need of having two copies.

About the BP, BLB, I really can’t say. They were linked to one account. Afonso could play the game from my console without having a copy and all dlcs were available. But once what I told you happened (maybe it was some update I missed), he couldn’t do it anymore from his console. Most likely I will have to buy everything in double, but PROBABLY you won’t. Try it and see.


Hey Andy and Dennis,

Thanks for the stream!


Will watch the stream when off work later; but if anyone caught a snippet somewhere…

Will the battlepass and bazaar be operable on private servers? Or official only?

Thanks :herb:

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They will work on private servers.


Thank the many gods. Εφχαριστο !

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Got a question.

Are we always going to need a connection to Funcom’s servers for stuff we unlock via the battle pass?

If I unlock an emote and get it on a character, is it going to be there on that character even if I cannot connect to them? Or does that connection have to be there every single time I wanna use that?

I would hope once it’s unlocked on a character, it’s always on that character. Because if I have to always be online when I want to use these new DLC recipes, I’m gonna be fairly p*ssed off. Because if anything is ever shut down, unless Funcom changes how this works, we’d lose ALL the new DLC and Battle Pass stuff going forward from 3.0


AFAIK, the client always connects to FLS - no matter what mode you play: LAN based dedicated server, SP, or any of the multiplayer modes. So in reality unless you hack it, it always connects. I have no idea what information is being bounced around but it’s not even just an initial thing. Packets are being bounced off FLS and if the connection breaks the client shuts you down. At least last I tested in 2.8, that was the deal. People have asked for a truly 100% off-line mode But I dunno if FC is keen on the idea. I wouldn’t be until such time as I was surrendering the IP or taking FLS off line for good.


I guess two things.

Congrats on breaking a 10-20year issue with Grass not going Poof. Its been on my request line up for so many games.

And you Guys and Gals manage to nail it. KUDOS.

Your guys comments about Battle Pass naming… sigh

You both seem aware that calling it Battle pass isn’t best… (Seasons Sounds better)
But want people to know what it is…

Your fighting against yourself.

But you all solved your own Naming Issue with out Using Battle Pass or Seasons…

“Age of Sorcery”
Chapter 1 insert dates
Chapter 2 insert dates (more spells and new ranks?)

“Age of Dinosaurs” (not real maybe?)
Chapter 1 insert dates
Chapter 2 insert dates

OWN IT! No seriously… OWN IT.

Battle Pass has such Tainted name… and you all literally found a Great Name System to replace it, and can Make it YOURS.

No Man Sky has Expeditions. You can have “Age of ________”

When you guys said Battle Pass, I wanted to leave your 1st stream before that small video was even over…, I was so disheartened by this… And Battle Pass thread shows Clearly I was not alone.

You guys n Gals got your Name for “Your” System. Run with it. Throw Battle Pass name in trash can along with hate that goes with it.


Actually if you run Conan through the .exe file and NOT through Steam or the Launcher it creates, then it doesn’t connect to FLS at all.

I don’t like using the default launcher link, because it forces me to the “funcom” launcher, with a bunch of games I don’t even have or want, then I have to click the Conan button, which then launches the game through the link I have been using.

It’s a pointless step and seemingly just to put all those other games in my face, likely in the hopes I’ll be encouraged to buy them, when I have no interest in it.

Agree with you no need to call it Battle pass kinda sounds like play to win .Heck call it Crom Central. Battle Pass does not feel right. I know I’ve been late to some of discussions but 1000 plus posts are a bit to go through especially when some are nothing more than bickering back and forth. Thanks @Sera67 for your time on this Forum hopefully will see you for along time yet.


Honest Answer.

I hate Battle Pass and MT cash in that these things are.

HOWEVER… as much as I have hate for them, It wont stop me from playing a Great Game. I’ll be mad time to time when good item pops up in it. And don’t wanna drop 10$ for the whole thing.

Which to be fair… 10$ for 1200 Crom Coins isn’t to bad… Looking at pass however, I don’t see anything of value that I want. (Ghost horse looks pretty cool… but Horse in general need a rework) Happy with my Blue Roan.
Throw some skimpy Loin cloth looking stuff in there, I’ll toss some money around. XD

No serious Funcom… Stop +1ing, and +5ing your armors with extra details… less is more when it comes to clothes and armor. >_>

Long as those Cash Shop prices are place holders… and not really 8-15$ for small set of items. >_>
I may buy some.
Table set would be 500-700 in other games. You know…

I have no plans to leave this game. I just wont buy what I don’t like. =3


And that’s exactly what you are expected to do. :blush:


I’ve kept up with 69 pages at Steam and I’ll be much softer here than I am there: people are outright “Battle Pass Bad” and it’s like cement in their thought process. I myself suggested Conan Club, where you pay monthly and get a free mobile version of Conan Chop Chop.

@Sera67 you are such a sweet and powerful supporter of this game, I could learn a lot from your kindness. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you play, that (unless things change) you feel nothing from the Battle Pass or Bazaar except for their presence in the menu.

I have been deliberatively playing through a new toon to 18 so far, and I must say it’s a clean and typical replay. The major difference is you really feel like the hero as you fight, compete and grow your skills.


This is exactly what is making me so exited with this game! In every update there is only one way to go through… play it. This time however I feel that all this experience and knowledge will finally be cashed off. Everything leads to less grind and more fun.
Now we have both the knowledge and the way to trigger or avoid mechanics of the game. Every playstyle will find shelter in this game. I feel that we finally go to the road that tweeks will be the only neccecity from devs. The game seems to take the whole original form that was intented from the beginning. I mean? How many years we had the corrupting brew? Nobody knew what to do with it right?
It’s time to celebrate I say!
Let’s do it, let’s Play Conan exiles! (like I play something else :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


With one caveat: it used to be a lot more Survival-oriented. If we could get closer to that, we’d be in the sweet spot.


I’ve always wished for more survival in Conan Exiles. Maybe someday we’ll get an Age of Survival, who knows :slight_smile:

Broken bones, wounds and diseases that need to be healed with appropriate remedies (various medicinal herbs for medicine). Spearfishing or fishing with a rod. Or animal traps for rabbits. (In general, it would be nice if animals didn’t just stare at you while you flexed the bowstring in front of them.)


Feel the same here. :raising_hand_woman:

I did some math, and even if you chose the best Crom coin offer, a tent with a small stone stool would cost you rounded 5.40 $…

Please rethink the pricing. :sob: my monthly “gaming allowance” isn’t that high and I want to buy EVERYTHING :star_struck: the stuff is so cool!

The old DLCs had around 76 items (like seekers of the dawn) for like 20 bucks…was that the initial price? So one piece was roughly 0.26 ct…

10 $ for the “challenge” pass seems super fair. Even cheap, when you consider, by completing it you’ll get your Chrom coins back! °o°

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