Dev Q&A Stream: August 4 [VODs now available]

Ssensible. Totally agree!

• new steam achievements added?

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In 3.0 may we see any of the following - or perhaps down the line in future Ages;

  • New Dungeons / Dungeon Updates to existing ones
  • Flushing out zones that are lackluster (Jungle for example)
  • Some aquatic updates (Sunken city was nice, allow spear or real fishing?)
  • Farming/Husbandry (Already in game: Boars, Goats, Rabbits)

All the information so far for the new Age release is exciting and cannot wait to see what future ages bring with it.


Yes please :pleading_face:

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Jedias Greatsaber already does this, but it would be extremely neat to be able to craft one using oil and maybe witchfire. Or have it as a recipe RNG drop and it lasts X hours before being reapplied.

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“We have an additional feature in the works related to survivability of followers, but we will detail this at a later date, since it will arrive after Age of Sorcery.” is an exceprt from the recently published “Follower Updates in Age of Sorcery”.
Can we please get a hint to fuel our imagination while we wait? It can be a single word or a detailed technical book on the matter.

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Definitely good question!!!
I would love to fix something on my friend @Barnes, it’s just a small detail that deserves “greater” attention! After all he is the leader of my entertainment group he must have more… pride!!! :wink:


In the og stream, they talked of reviving downed thralls. This may be that feature.

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Seriously, I play both Playstation and PC and I would love to have the playerlist hiden on PS lol

Nope. I wait for the Multi Report every time. Honestly, there are many times during a stream that I think, “Does that person know what game we’re talking about?”

I can’t watch them any more. But, I do take time to read the summary because I know it’s thorough.

I thank you for your past work, and for future endeavors.


I suggested to split the player list so it is not obvious who’s online with what toons.

There is another question on my mind. Dinosaurs in Northern Hyboria are established lore, and have been since the 1930’s. Are there any plans to include Dinos in future Conan Exiles content?

I never said it was. I proposed that’s what I might try if he decides to hang it up.

Oh apologies. I took that completely the wrong way. I was reading it as a reason why he should hang it up.

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The real only question that I really have is funcom going to take 8 months to a year to update any exploits that come with this update. Cause a majority of us have experienced this with meta being from 1 shot thralls , being naked with full accuracy 2 shooting fully armoured people, 1 shot sabres and horses, to throwing axes being too op, people blocking obs and brimstone lake, now lances still one shooting you, you can get banned for pretty much anything to do with land claim and a clan can mass report you too, It’s been three years and they still struggle to fix game breaking things that ultimately make people quit…. This is the only reason why conan hasn’t been able to sustain any population. If the want to succeed I think yeah great if the battle pass and all those micro transactions will get funcom more money to update quicker , but they should also look into making the base game cheaper because no one paying all that and then getting banned having to pay the base game + all dlcs and etc again.

I noticed in the previous footage of the Battle Pass and the Black Lotus Bazaar, that dyes and emotes are now part of both. How will this change when 3.0 comes out? Will we still have the dyer’s bench or will we now have to get our dyes through the Black Lotus Bazaar? What about emotes? Will they be removed from the maps and only be available through the BP and BLB? Would our existing characters get the emotes they currently have erased when 3.0 is released?

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.34.36 PM

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.39.00 PM


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Opinion on the trailer being leaked by very awesome YouTuber?!

Sorry for writing to the wrong address, today after another restart, special armor, dragon flags and a bunch of things that I received when I watched the Stream as a drop disappeared from my inventory 1213 PVE-K

Hey! Super excited for the update but I DO have a couple of questions:

  1. Since attributes are going to a static point value system, with no more diminishing returns, how are you balancing attributes on gear? Will we be seeing fractions for attribute bonuses or just a more normalized value across the board?

  2. I’ll try to make this question on topic… Since we will be able to select individual recipe skins etc. from the bazaar, are you implementing a new account delivery system for this or fixing the existing one. I ask because our Watcher recipes have disappeared again. (there are several posts indicating this isn’t isolated )

Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing!

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There won’t be any more attributes on gear. You will get bonuses to stats but no additional attribute points.