Dev Q&A Stream: August 4 [VODs now available]

Thanks! I couldn’t find any mention of it (that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hell I can’t find my keys half the time.) Can you point me to your source on this? I run a couple of servers and have been asked this a fair amount.


It will take you some time to read, but you’ll get all the info you need fellow exile.
Please understand that if you need some time of reading, imagine the amount of work this outstanding member did to fix this recap and help us!
Cross fingers that he will honor us with another recap, that help us so much.


Thanks much to you for pointing me in the right direction AND Multigun for doing this… not sure how the hell I didn’t know about this already!


The worst part comes when I ask my wife…
Honey, did you see my keys?
Ofcurce, you are holding them :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Heh… glad I am not that bad…

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Testlive notes show pets are included in the changes (including the nerfs) to thralls when Den specifically said they were excluded from the nerfs on thralls. Please confirm which is accurate.

Pillars are now like other building pieces in that they will loose 20 stability if not “socketed”. does this mean that each pillar piece needs mesh connection to be 100 staibilty or just one in a column?

Hey, going to answer anything from this thread as promoted?

Ok apparently you can’t have building pieces so @Firespark81 was correct. DLC’s building is locked to those that have it

sigh. Well for the next two weeks…I gotta keep the Alchemy table churning witch doctor.

Sooooooo…yeah. I have very few times I get to gloat. :grin:

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Please relay how impressed I am to dev team. It really looks sharp and can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on it when it comes out live.

BTW, someone should probably update the testlive patch notes to refer to the Witch Doctor feat removal…just saying…not bitter :unamused: :rofl:


I think a bunch of questions from the thread were answered! Although the thread also spiraled out of control about halfway through :confused:

Anyhoo, Twitch VOD can be found here:

And YouTube can be found here:


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, prepared questions, shouted several times on twitch, not planning to waste more time begging for an answer. It seems you got plenty of illness and work to do, so gonna just see how it plays out. Good luck.

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If It’s possible to have answer in my case!
I have 3 accounts on my console.
I buy the psn and all the dlcs on my sons account. We play on the same console.
So far I was playing Conan exiles online without a problem. Will I be able to play on my account after 3.0 or I will have to pay psn for me too?
Second question. I play mainly this game, so it would be best to buy the battle pass on my account right? If my son wants it I have to buy it for him too (that’s OK), still will I be able to buy battle pass without psn?

Edit. Will this camping kit has inventory slots :hushed:?


To piggy back on this how is the purchase of crom coin going to work exactly. Will it be a FC driven thing or will you utilize Steam, Xbox and PS stores or is it both?

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Is there going to be an admin setting to change the amount of attributes/feat points for a server or will we still need a mod for that?

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Hey Andy and Dennis,

Thanks for the stream!


Will watch the stream when off work later; but if anyone caught a snippet somewhere…

Will the battlepass and bazaar be operable on private servers? Or official only?

Thanks :herb:

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They will work on private servers.