Dev wiped? Everything is gone

Logged on yesterday after work and every building piece owned by my clan had lost stability, all at the same time according to the event log. The thralls were still in place, most standing in mid air? What’s going on? Nobody in the clan is banned so it can’t be for cheating or exploits, not that we do but our Crevice base did still have a 50 stack of doors that was constructed pre-patch obviously, but was hardly deterrent to a smooth running server and I would know because I still play on a very old Xbox and I never experienced any frames loss when traversing that corridor. So does anyone have any idea why we lost all of our building pieces?


It actually could be a bug. Since you werent banned, it seems unlikely deliberate, so I would post a bug report honestly.

You can get wiped and not get banned same as get banned and base not wiped.

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Thank you both for your input but do either of you have an idea what could have been the trigger?

I forgot to mention… the ban can also trigger a couple days later. I had a base wiped by the devs and 2 days later we all got banned.



There is a bug being worked on this so I suspect it is the same bug. I would file the bug report with the server name so they can examine the database. It might help finding root cause. Your thralls are still there, so I highly doubt it was admin wiped.

How long since the last log in

I had logged off at 230 am and when I got home from work and got on again it was approx 4-430pm same day, if that was the question.

The last time I logged in was approx 4-430pm yesterday then logged off at approx 2 am this morning

Where do I file the bug report please?

There’s a format form at the top. Sorry it went toast.

Follow up: include the style of building you were using (black ice, etc). It may help.

Ok but this happened on the Xbox platform, not PC

Okay there’s a similar section for xbox. Probably a universal bug tho.

Some had mentioned this may be a bug they’re working on so I would assume this has happened to other people so there is most likely a thread about this already. Does anyone have the link to that thread?

It’s possible that was a bug, but there is the possibility that it was a dev wipe. My old clan leader’s volcano base was wiped, and the event log just showed loss of stability. We were completely shocked. (To be fair, it was wiped with good reason. Looking back, that base was MASSIVE and the land claim was obnoxious)

I seriously doubt this was a bug if EVERYTHING lost stability. Also, the thralls do not automatically get wiped by the Devs from what I have seen.

Most “bases wiped” threads have been delisted due to the acrimonious constant input from the few WKs left on this forum. When they start losing an argument or too many people disagree with them, they indiscriminately start flagging posts to get the Mods to shut down, lock and delist the threads.

Sounds petty, I know, but look to the source.


Absent being contacted or banned, the simplest assumption is that its the known bug rearing its head. There’s plenty of time to go after us “white knights” in other places, but barring any other evidence to the contrary, it sounds like the known bug. Sometimes the forums can get a bit too personal to see the forest for the trees and its not like saying “it sounds like a bug” is the height of Funcom defending (I would say quite the opposite). We can duke it out in the other threads on the merit of bans, but lets not go down that road here.

If there is a “known” bug that completely wipes all of your bases, please post the link, as I have never heard of it. There is a stability bug that usually affects chests.
Also, I do not believe FC contacts players before or after wiping their bases, they just say fill out a Zendesk request, if asked.

Nobody said anything about this until you did. This is exactly what I am talking about. Somebody states something and it gets twisted into something else.


Yeah, I just went home for my lunch break and logged on and my character has some kind of suspension on him so we must’ve gotten hit for the stacked doorframes….2 months after the alleged reporting by a butt hurt raider

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