Dev Wiped / Land Claim - and general issues

Take screenshots of everything including the base, it’s location, communications and ask your friend to screenshot the report, record the times as you did before.



Good morning .
To begin with, I am sorry for your mishap.
If you had managed to put 3k pieces in a perimeter of 12X12 this means that you had put a lot of placeables (furniture, torches etc.)
the construction elements do not affect the performance of the servers contrary to popular beliefs, on the other hand: placeables negatively affect servers.

I could be wrong about the number of construction pieces you put in, maybe you built high up!? , without screenshots to verify I may be saying something stupid.

The rules implemented by Funcom are poorly explained, can be interpreted in different ways, as said @DeaconElie , Funcom should be more esplicitis on their rules .

Whatever it is, they won’t tell you why they are erased. I am afraid that coming to the forum to ask for explanations from Funcom will not be the right approach. I wish you good luck in your tests, although I think you try in vain to empty the ocean with a spoon.

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The magic number seems to be 6 in a week. Doesn’t need to be the same base. That is just to get them to investigate.

Now let me come at you from the PVE side. The bases on my list; no it’s not a real list, even though I just added 2 more to it, I wish were as small as 12X12. Hell if they were 20X20 they wouldn’t be on my list.

PVPs issue may be clan/mass/spam reports but PVE is just the opposite. Bases get mammoth. 50X50, covering hectors of land with roman capitols. There are people on PVE that seem to think if they hit X threshold of the TOC they get a warning. They think if it’s not ok to build 500BC London on the server they’d get banned for doing it. Like it was some automated thing. New players come on see people building like that and think it must be ok so do the same. So you end up with a dozen builds rivaling the mounds of the dead for ground coverage. People putting down foundations or torches, or placing thralls right on a neighbors property line to prevent them form get closer is common place.

It’s always the noisy kid in to everything that has all of mom’s attention, while the quite kid is over in the corner making a fertilizer bomb.

Since Officials having HUGE performance and stability issues i would say we need building\zone limitations
XXXX amount pieces for each player
placeables limits (10\100 torches allowed?)
Building lenth and width limitation (no walls or roads across the square)
ALL VITAL zones (bannable for now) should be mark red for the building
Then -let people build and play all they want (ofc no cheating\glitching)
AND ofc disable WIPE REPORTs, no need of them really

ITS not about limiting the players, its about let them play and do not loose their progress constantly with no JUSTIFICATION.
People can play single\private servers without any limits and rules they want.

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It was built high up, with an animal pen and horse pen outside. In terms of placeables, it was around 200 so I wouldn’t count that as a lot.

In terms of height, it was high up ( I’ll need to get screenshots downloaded) but was layered (not stacked) with a wall, then pillar and then wall. It was what you would call a generic mid base that was well within what a base should be.

But a total.of around 3k building pieces/placeables.

I know @Funcom won’t bother replying…but the least they could do is change the rules around base building so the player knows what they can and can’t do…rather than building up - getting reported and dev wiped.

That’s a nice place for a competently-built base. It’s a real shame you don’t have pics and/or video.

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My friend has the pictures as he reported me. I’m getting him to download them so I can post them.


HEREX, at least in invalid build zones a bedroll will tell you if land is claimed even if its a flybase. Not sure about no build zones.

Yeah, iv’e told all new players in this game and any clans i’ve joined up with. Number of building pieces don’t matter, if you end up on Zendesk because someone reports you, it is already too late because you have about a 90% chance of them not checking. I’ve seen it wayyyyyy too many times. I’ve seen 9 x 1 builds get banned without blocking anything for land claim spam. Zendesk just does not care. If you are lucky, you have a very small chance of getting someone who will investigate, or who will actually reply to you that is not just an automatic copy/paste response that you waited a week for more information on. But more often than not, you won’t receive any more information, and it will be a strike against you. The state of the game is ban meta and it is disgusting.

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