Developer Livestream- Share your Thoughts

Couldn’t watch the actual stream. Did they say FOB needs flat land?

That would’ve been awesome, but honestly, anything is better than pure RNG :smiley:


You should watch the stream. When you see the FOB you’ll relate to the concerns.

My other concern about the purge was that it ends as soon as there is no clear path to the treasure. So say if they have to go up a single flight of stairs, but they destroy the steps, purge ends? Seems like only safe bet to complete the purge is to have the treasure chest on terrain and a clear path along terrain to it.

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IM watching it now- Looks hilarious in a good way!

I thought I heard Dennis and Andy briefly discuss that there may be some terrain issues with Forward Operating Bases spawning in.

I believe Andy actively encouraged folks to try the new Purges out on the Test Server and report any issues they were having.


Funny coz I’ve been wiped 4 times in the last 6 weeks and haven’t spawned in the desert once until I decided to try a new server. Perhaps you modder/admin types need to remember about bedrolls? :roll_eyes:

They mentioned that if an area isn’t flat enough, you’ll get a notification telling you why the purge failed and that they’re deep in the process of trying to work through spacing so please send reports if you get issues. One mentioned place was the aqueducts but not quite where there might be issues.

And yes, I agree the fragment issue is better than nothing but man, it could have been better (hence the disappointment vs don’t do this, bad idea).

Oof. Well, I guess it’s one of those things we’ll all pretend they’ll improve in the future :upside_down_face:



HAHA! Frags when you turn in to the Library the recipes wont be RNG anymore- ive got 100s ! sweet!

It seems to have been made clear that players can block the passage to the treasure room as a way to halt the assault. This really gives the impression that if I feel like I’m losing, or I’m about to lose, all I need to do is block the treasure in a very simple way, and that stops the attack without any drawback.

God bubbles will be gone

There is that but I definitely get the other concern. The demolishers (whichever thralls had the battering rams) care only about smashing things and they do so pretty indiscriminately. On stream, the foundation below the treasure got destroyed, essentially causing a “you lose” scenario because of few demolishers went a little hog wild.

The demolishers aren’t so bright if they run in to the treasure, destroy the path to it (foundations or stairs or what not) essentially making both you and THEM fail their objectives.

Would make more sense for demolishers to keep targeting outer walls for more breaches (in case you get enough people / thralls to the existing breached hole) rather than also heading towards the treasure and breaking things there.

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@donbzm yes they said that but in the very next sentence they reminded you that you cant build or repair during a purge anyways :man_shrugging:

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And reduced their effectiveness by 10X as much. You forgot that part.

The whole stream today was a joke. All questions apart from them related to the new perge system where ignored except for the two main ones about invisible animals and siptah issues which where replied with “it will be fixed in next patch”. Where was the apology for the mess up with foundation picecs where hundreds of players lost months of building?? And why did Dennis have to leave the stream so early? Surely his focus should be on answering questions the the public are crying out for answers too. I saw 8 people ask the same question - " When are server transfers coming back?" and this was blaintently ignored. Dennis needs to go after just abandoning today’s stream, it’s like a big FU to the player base


If there have been no adjustments made to Pets, then this is sad news indeed. It looks like our Pets will be getting locked in the base and not helping defend against the Stygian purges.

This however is a great addition for any devoted Set worshipper. Hey @Necro it would seem that your request has at last been granted!

In terms of new Pets, I would also like to repeat my suggestion that Dogs be made available as Pets in the Exiled Lands. Surely the Stygians would think to bring some war dogs with them for their raids wouldn’t they.


Testing now underway

My feedback from the livestream:

New armor, building, and loot changes look good. It will be nice to finally have some things to buy with gold coins. That being said:

I am dreading the change to the purge, having it mostly out of my control was what made it fun for me. I would rather see this introduced as a different type of event, like a raid or whatever you want to call it, so that the original purge can stay. Triggering it just feels way too gamey, and I think it will feel pretty bad for people that like to roleplay.

The new purge also reduces the variance in enemies, why are they all Stygians? I like the variety that purges currently bring, including animals, and rocknoses, etc.

Why is the pathing reliant on doors? Ideally, the purge should just try to knock down walls to get to your treasure. I think this is going to cause more problems than it’s worth, and I don’t understand the decision.

Overall, it really seems to be making the purge more boring, rather than more exciting.

As an addendum, it wasn’t clear to me if named thralls would still be in the purge. I would love some clarity there


Agreed. I’d like to see the option for the purge to show up at a random time rather than just immediately. Maybe a slider in the control panel for when the Purge shows up (so players have the option of “when” – 1 minute to 1 week)?

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@Rollotomozi My take away is unless they add some really great defenses which it doesn’t sound like they are, they are systematically removing defense from pvp at least when it comes to offline and it doesn’t also seem like they are going to do anything to the raid window times either.

Bottomline: Be on all raid time or don’t bother building anything as it will be meaningless so just slightly worse than now (they are removing religion shields (bubbles) ) Straight up buff to offline “raiding” and “offline pvp” on official servers. Pathetic.