Developer Stream Recap: June 21st, 2022

Is it allowed to start a conversation in this thread? I know that you are really busy and notifications might be annoying at this time. Then the fear of fiery posts might derail the situation here. So either answer, or not answer at all will be well accepted equally. Thank you for your time.


Just remember with @Multigun, it’s like Batman not answering the Bat-Signal right away: maybe it’s because he’s busy! :smiley:

I think there are various threads that address concerns, feelings and speculation etc. In my opinion, this thread needs to tread a tightrope of either congratulations or technical questions. For instance, if some terminology is a little murky, or technical, or inaccessible.


Any one know what about tools and armors that give survival att points, how it will work in 3.0, like darfari witch doctor mask, black blood tools, asura and survivalist sets?

This reacp really helped me to understood things very well, expect by those 2 points. If i understood correctly, will some one can have 2 active followers at 20 auth? Like for example and archer and an warrior, or pet, plus the mount?


Its fine. Though what Barnes said would probably also be accurate. For example, i would leave the discussions about market place or the bazaar in the other (many) threads on that subject. I will also be trying to avoid providing my own opinion on subjects as for the purpose of this thread and recap is meant as a purely informative one.

But if you have questions on the stuff i wrote, ask away. If there is anything i can clarify with Dennis later, I will attempt to do the same (though thats no guarantee, that dude is a busy guy).



Yes, that’s what I’m gathering as well. Though its a split perk, so you will have to choose between the two otpions.

As for the picture you quickly drew about the stability, I don’t think its exactly like that (like I don’t think it will go above 100). Which that reasoning is from me spending years, and years, and years, working with the stability and socketing system ha ha. In fact they specifically prevented buildings from going above 100 stability some years ago (other then bugs that make them show up as 127, as a recent bug has had). But ya, something like that from what info we have.


Well @FCStorm said this is beyond amazing…
He is 100%accurate!
I lmao here

Plus I want to thank you once more for the “support” for mods in consoles. This tango needs 3 not just two and I am really happy that moders willing to break their heads too, to work more for console mods. I don’t have a clue about gaming programing, so practically I cannot know if it is a different job, but I assume it is.
3rd and last…
The conversation about Conan exiles 2. Even if it is just a simple chat… Even if it looks like a fools dream right now… It leaves a positive aura, a possibility, isn’t it? Did I understand wrong?
My ice tea is finished, privilege to speak with you Multi, always.
Thank you!




Ya, there would be some differences. Without knowing more what’s entailed, the first thing that comes to mind is controller support. For example, I have a mod that has admin settings in it to allow players to configure the mod as they like. However, its set up for a mouse. Which even doing that is difficult for my skillset (I’m a game designer, a very amateur version of a Rob or a Dennis. And not a coder). So I would definitely need a coder to help me configure the menu for controller support, which I’ve had casual conversations with people about over the years. My understanding is that it’s a WHOLE other level of difficulty.

The second part of something that comes to mind is console testing and support. I don’t own a single modern console, never will. Even if I did, you’re talking about tripling my work load for every mod in terms of testing and support (answering questions, addressing bugs, etc). So, that’s a major problem when I’m already beyond stretched thin. But I’ve long thought about this, should mod support ever be added for console, what I would do is to ask people to help me, help them. Find volunteers who would be willing to test my mods on console, and help out on the discord to answer people’s questions. That would be the only way it could be done. But I figure that if people would want my mods enough on console, that there would be volunteers to help with that.

I don’t think a Conan Exiles 2 was ever NOT a possibility. Obviously Funcom is committed to the Conan franchise and character, they always have. But especially now since they own the bloody license (along with other works by Howard and whatever other licenses they acquired). I have to imagine that they didn’t acquire those licenses for the fun of it. Does that mean a Conan Exiles 2, or another game with Conan, or games with other Howard licenses? Nobody knows, I doubt even Funcom has any firm plans, yet. Its fun to speculate though.

But yes, the tldr on that is, a possibility, someday? Sure, I would say there’s a possibility that perhaps someday we see a Conan Exiles 2. But I don’t think it was ever off the table for them.


:person_raising_hand: I report for duty!

I hope the time will come where mods working with consoles.
Currently I am playing around with Ue5 and learning how it works. I am a fullstack developer and have a good knowledge in c++.
I am sure I can be helpful and also I would be very happy to learn something about modding from you :slight_smile:

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UE5 is fun times. I haven’t messed with it a ton yet, but some.

Conan’s dev kit is so great because its a UE4 project, essentially. If you understand Unreal, you can make mods.


A second round of thanks to Multigun for the recap. These are invaluable to members such as myself who cannot watch the streams due to data limitations, lousy internet signal, or in my case both. Time to provide some feedback and ask a couple of questions along the way. Any takers are welcome to answer should they know the respective answers.

the Battle Pass and Bazaar

Still slowly trying to wrap my head around this and how it works, and while I have now come to comprehend the lions share of it, I am still wrestling with some of the finer details. Thus far, long story cut short, I do not object to this. I will abstain from further comment on it here as I do not want to invoke argument.

Ok with me. :white_check_mark:

the Bazaar. It goes in this order:

  • Largest Image = 30 day rotation
  • Medium Images = 14 day rotation
  • Small Images = 48 hours

As with the battle pass, at this point in time and knowing what I do, I am fine with the Black Lotus Bazaar, but I am again still trying to nut out some of the details. My only minor quibble is in the third of the thre rotation times above. Only 48 hours for the small window is not much time, and I personally can not log on every 48 hours to check availabilty (between career and family I can only really play games on weekends). It would be better if the small windows was every 7 days. OR if we had an app to notify us, or even pinned the changes here as a forum topic. But if they are repeated over time then it all good I guess.

No big deal. :white_check_mark:

The Crom Coins

To be percectly honest, this was my only real objection to the entire Update! And I know it is absolutely a first-world problem. It is not even the having an online currency, which bother me. But calling them ‘Crom’ coins…!? This feels a tad distasteful and consumeristic to me. I would rather them be named after an actual Hyborian currency myself.

Blasphemous! :x:

Wall sprays are making an introduction

Sounds good. Hopefully there will be religious ones, and ones which look like blood spatter.

Nice. :white_check_mark:

Item illusions, or transmog

Great move. It has been often requested. And I wholeheartedly support the temporary nature of it. It feels like it has been carefully weighed and decided upon. This way it will not throw out the rule book in regard to PvP.

The protection of Godbreaker armor with the viual satisfaction of a Bejewelled armor…? :white_check_mark:

players may learn Sorcery, many of its spells

I love every proposed aspect of this so far from top to bottom. Intriguing, game changing, more gore and brutality. :smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood: Funcom have outdone themselves here.

Love it! :white_check_mark:

A Wisp light source

I cant view the image on my cellular phone, but if this is a handsfree light source then great!

Demonic Portal is a personalized fast travel system. This allows players to set up their own portal networks, regardless of which map they play on. It’s placed down like any other placeable

Wow that is really cool! Stylish and practical convenience. Ok now here is the first of a few questions I have.

QUESTIONS 1: Will it be possible to place these in no build areas, and will it be possible for NPCs to purse us through the portal?

All your attributes

I thoroughly like that we now have a choice of two 2 perks ar set increments and the ability to corrupt our Attributes. Forgive if I have overlooked this, but I have a question:

QUESTION 2: Will our dodge speed still be tied to our encumberance level at the time?

Regardless, I like it. :white_check_mark:

the building system changes

From what I have read to date these are such welcomed additions. Regarding the Building Menu. The handcrafting menu was becoming very full up, and even more so if we decided to unlock all Feats using fragments of power.

Creative Mode is also a damn good idea and I like that we have an Admin toggle to turn it on. These are my primary question, and I might have to ask @Multigun if he happens to know these:

QUESTIONS 3: Can we turn creative mode off again at our leisure or only on? And will we be able to build in the no build zones in creative mode?

More great changes! :white_check_mark:

Buildings on placement will cause grass that would clip through the top of the building to despawn.

Huzzah! Great news. :white_check_mark:

based followers did not get a nerf, and that their health and damage in 3.0 is about the same as now. This has been added to the Thrall Balance section of the recap.

This is a good call. Hopefully it will level out some of the disparity bwtween Pets and Thralls. :white_check_mark:

That is it! From all that I have read thus far this update sounds hands down, absolutely freaking amazing!! I genuinely cannot wait to play this. A great big congratulations to the great folks at Funcom who have outdone themselves this time. :clap: :clap: :fireworks:


I formally volunteer to test your mods for console (specifically xbox) if ever that becomes a possibility and will gladly do so free of charge.

Also thank you for the work you do to support this community. You and have rarely been in agreement and have at least once had a heated debate, but you do a lot for this community and are not recognized often enough for it.


Ya, just to confirm, they will come back around as part of whatever rotation. Along with sales and etc. Typical store stuff from what it sounds like.

Did you click on the link? It should take you to gyazo. Sorry about some of the gifs, I tried to keep them short because I knew the forum was going to limit the size (megabytes) and what would be allowed to display. It still hid some of them anyways. A bit frustrating in that but, oh well.

But yes that’s exactly what it looks like. Its a green hands free light source that follows the player.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to turn it on or off. It hasn’t been discussed, I just suspect that is the case. Even admin mode can be toggled on/off (though not sure with Xbox/Playstation) via the CMD

MakeMeAdmin = Admin enabled
MakeMeNormal = Admin mode off

Can’t answer your other part of the question as I dunno. If I find out anything else I’ll let you know.

If you have general questions about the Battle Pass, I probably can answer them. Its a system new for a lot of us, even for me (though I used a Battle Pass system before, I just didn’t know I had lol). But have spent a good deal of time researching how they generally work in other games, and obviously know what was talked about in the dev stream.

Fortunately I have a bad memory, so I cannot recall any of our past conversations off hand. Good thing, as I’m one of those who will beat themselves up for something they think they did wrong for years on end. I still wake up in the middle of the night embarrassed about some whatever thing I said or did in high school and that was over 20 years ago.

That said, I’ve evolved a bit on my thinking with mods. I know I’ve been against the idea of them on console before, but that was more driven by the fear of more expectations added to myself (and other mod creators who are themselves, beyond stretched thin). As I mentioned, I’m supremely stretched thin, and finally had to take a long absence from modding (3 + months and counting since I last worked on anything) because I’ve been going non stop for 4 years.

But something that’s helped is on my discord, that was originally set up to be a place to get help with my mods, its evolved. We now have a segment of volunteer veteran builders (The Build Guild) who answer people’s questions about all things building. They love building, and they love to talk about building. Then a few months ago, we evolved the discord some more and said its no longer just for people who use mods, or PC only for that matter. Everybody who enjoys building and decorating in Conan Exiles is welcome there, however they play the game.

Yes, its still a place where people go to get help with my mods, but now its just as much of a place to talk about building in Conan as it is about getting help with my mods. Eventually, I imagine, my mods will be secondary with the primary purpose being just about discussions revolving around building and decorating. The point about all of this is that its because of those volunteers that have helped me evolve my thinking a bit. I couldn’t run the discord in that way by myself, its because of their presence that we’ve been able to evolve the discord to be more about fun building, and less about stressful mod support stuff. So my thinking became, if there are people who enjoy helping with that, then maybe there might be people who would do the same with consoles and mods (should that day ever come).

Now that isn’t to say my workload won’t increase if mods ever get added to consoles. Because it would, a great deal. I probably would have to have 2 or even 3 (perhaps more) versions of mods that I would need to constantly update every major patch for the game. And I don’t really know how to mitigate that. But having volunteers to handle testing, answering questions on the discord, gathering reproduction steps and confirming the existence of whatever bugs, I don’t know, maybe there’s a chance there is what I’m saying. (Though there are other considerations like, would a second dev kit be needed, if so that would mean I would need 3 devkits, totally nearly 1TB in size. That’s not including the two game installs, which would make it go well north of 1TB in hard drive commitment. Just for making mods. Yeeshe).


This statement of yours…
( Good thing, as I’m one of those who will beat themselves up for something they think they did wrong for years on end. I still wake up in the middle of the night embarrassed about some whatever thing I said or did in high school and that was over 20 years ago.)

Before I give birth to my 2 wonderful miracles, I was constantly dreaming for a time machine, to travel back and start over again, to correct my mistakes…
The funny part?
Now all I remember is my mistakes and I laugh…
I cannot say that I am not still ashamed of for some things, yet…
I become more and more friend with my ghosts…
Go figure :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Thank you thank you. I was feeling like maybe I’m getting too old for this stuff, because my wife says to me “Battle Pass, what the hell is a battle pass” and I go “I uh, rather, I … it’s, I’m not sure how it will fit in.” This is to be taken literally.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.


Its ok I didn’t expect you to, I’m a small fish in the community and I was rather ignorant back then.

As far as workload goes I’m not going to pretend I know how that works. However I DO know their is still a very large following of the game on consoles who would be willing to support and help your efforts in any way possible. If “WE” as the CE Community stand together I’m sure there is nothing we can’t manage. If there is one truth I have learned here on the forums it is this:

We may not always agree with or treat each other with respect, but the one thing “WE” all have in common is a burning passion for this game, (its content, its lore, and its potential) that equates to the willpower of Conan himself.


Great recap’. Thank you @Multigun !


Hate to dissapoinylt, but i believe you can only make armor look loke other armor of the same class. it is not said, but i hope it works like the weapons, or everyone will have the same meta stat with different looks. So why even have stat on armornatvall then? Just make those part of base vharacter and save som code space.

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have anyone discovered how survival armors and black blood tools will work? Also encuberance armor like serpent boots?

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