Developer Stream Recap: March 12th, 2021

Thanks for the stream Funcom, it was a great time to have one with consoles soon recieving the parity patch.

The technical tweeks and savings which Funcom have made for the sake of performance improvements here are are absolutely great amazing! Serious credit here, and great job peoples! :smiling_imp: :metal:

Damn that is a shame. But Scott did say thereafter that it wont be too far off so that is heartening.

I am really excited to see that NPC camps anre going to be added to Siptah, and I am looking foward to these new factions, especially the Accursed. Although I do hope that their current physical appearance is only a placeholder, and that they recieve their own unique and distinctive faction weapons and armors down the track. But a great addition nonetheless. :+1:

The new rescue system sounds very cool too, and I know there was much demand for an alternative to slavery for a time there. And the ability to build our own cages too is awesome! Can I add on a small request? For RP value, could we also have the ability to knock out and enslave jailors, even if we must water their stats right down? It would be cool to have a jailor guarding our cages at home. Or the irony of jailing a jailor would be humorous too. Great addition. :+1:

Partial agreement, partial disagreement. I am ore than happy to see Vaults rebalanced to be level 60, add to existing end game loops, and add more rewards. BUT…here is what I disagree with. We currently have 14 Vaults, and we are going to make ALL of them level 60 content!? The game does have newer players, lower level players and re-rollers who should also have the opportunity to run a few lower level dungeons (ie-Vaults) and get a feel for them. I would politely request that out of those 14 Vaults we make say 2-3 of those for newer and lower level players. :pinching_hand:

I welcome the idea of having Purges added to Siptah. Although the fact that its T4 craftsmen will now have the same recipes as all other regular T4s has dampened some of the luster behind them. They no longer offer unique T4 thrall recipes (aka T5) as all thralls have them. And I dont find different names alone to be a strong motivator for aquisition. But I would still rather have the Purge in Siptah than not. :+1:

I have no opinion on the reduction in noise levels or the scaled back reduction in frequency. However, the changes in the visual appearance to the maelstrom are just plain lousy! They have really sissified its appearance. To the point where now, based on the images and videos Ive seen, it just looks like a gentle relaxing fog which isnt even sorcerous in its appearance. Ive seen scarier storms where I live at home. :-1:

Im open to the idea of the Void Forge. And I am definately looking forward to the new placeables. :+1:

Theyre looking good Funcom! :smiling_imp: A lot of folks request this idea in the past, so thanks for listening. Next up could you please consider adding a jumping or leap attack? :+1:

Its a shame we didnt get more questions answered, but thanks for the ones you did.

@Multigun this bit is for you mate, although Funcom may yet tackle it in a future stream if if we have another one before Siptah comes out on consoles. This bit is just an idea. There are a LOT of new concepts and terms in here which will be completely foreign to many console players as we have not been playing Siptah for the last 10 months. Moreover, not all of us have been following the updates either regularly, or in some cases at all during throughout this period. So may I be so bold as to suggest that we put together a Glossary explaining what each of the below are, and also touch upon how they work? (I was hoping this may have been part of the Stream itself…)

The key terms/concepts are some such as:

Leyshrine, Surge, Wild Surge, Maelstrom, Sigils, Essences, Eldarium, Convergance, Swirling Chaos


I mean, that’s what the Wiki is for right?


Bad news for pvp on 2.4 then, don’t make me quit this game on 2.4 please :frowning: but I’ll try to enjoy 2.3 without thinking about it :smiley: great job guys

Didnt realise that it was on there. As I noted earlier

But I have now been having a good read and trying to get up to speed.


Thanks a lot @Multigun


Amazing summary @Multigun and a must read for anyone wanting to know what’s in the update. Thanks for sifting through the stream and questions so thoroughly. It is all too easy to miss key items in a stream, especially when there are queries flying in via chat simultaneously.

Cannot wait for the update to land. The changes and new stuff look fantastic. A big thanks in advance to Testlive testers and all of the Modding community.


So, no transportation system from the Exiled Lands to Siptah and vice versa in 2.3. Makes playing Siptah obsolete for pvp in my opinion. Since a lot of recipes from the EL are still missing in Siptah it all comes down to RNG again, which leads to a ton of grinding. Not fun. Plus, there are still not enough good spots on Siptah where you can actually build a real pvp base.

The new npc villages are great and all but don´t make up for the hugh grind you still have to do. Exiled Lands are still the map to go for pvp. There is less grind, better building spots, bigger map etc. Siptah is a nice little map for pve for me, but thats it. I am very dissapointed that we have waited month for changes and then still don´t get the cross over borders system. This feature would have been the important one.

While we can always wish for more, this patch brings a lot of bug fixing and sets the foundation for what is to come. I am very happy with the progress done on the PvP side. To name a few:

  • Quite a few extra undermesh spots fixed including some behind the green wall. While it will take a while to clean up officials from all the builds, considering that they are introducing to blow up builds which are in places where they are not supposed to be, I won’t be surprised if the next step is adding something like this to the undermesh system. Until then, as long as the spot is fixed, all they have to do is clean up manually the builds that already exist.
  • A certain exploit allowing you to maintain status effects, fixed.
  • The palisade glitch appears to be fixed on TestLive.
  • Invincibility with throwing axes fixed. I am aware there are other ways to achieve that but there is now 1 way less.
  • Min sprint requirement added to the sprint attacks to prevent spam.
  • Sunday raid times glitch fixed.

I personally expect some issues with the sigil system but I guess we will wait and see.


You see, thats the difference between you and me. You take gladly what they offer, no matter what it is and call it a win. For me, its not enough what they did the timeframe they had. Would I have been given a dollar everytime someone told me: FC has fixed a bug, I would be a millionair by now. But truth is: they fix one thing and break 10 others. I am very sorry, I don´t have the easy faith in them anymore when it comes to fixing stuff.

Besides this: all things you describe is not stuff that you need month to fix. There are modders out there that fix stuff in hours while Funcom needs 6 month for half of them. Siptah is a big fail for pvp. They are not even able to actually provide the missing recipes you need. It comes, ones again all down to RNG which is cancer for pvp active people. Most pvp server nowadays have a lifespawn from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how much raiding is done in that timeframe. Then you will get the next wipe and it starts all over again. How much do they want people to grind on Siptah. Is is not enough grind on the EL already?

I still say its a nice little map for pve. If you have the time and the will to grind a lot you will get some fun out of it. But for the pvp rushing crowd it doesn´t fit. And after this long, they should have at least make the map be playable for pvp. Even if they remove certain items or recipes later on.

You don’t have to convince me, if you know me, you would know about all the feedback I have provided in this regards. However, now we know where we stand and what we can expect. We know why the recipes were not added, we know thralls will be easier to get, we know fast travel is something that is not out of the window. I fully agree with you on the lack of building spots but if they connect the maps, that wouldn’t be an issue either. IoS has some really good features e.g IoS gear is superior and farming gold is much easier.

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@CodeMage While you won’t like the rng factor tied to the reward, I wanted to mention that there is a new way introduced to IoS to obtain recipes. To keep the spoilers to minimum, you gather recipe fragments and every 5 fragments turn into a scroll. Even though the pool of possible rewards is quite large, it includes Midnight Alchemist, Grandmaster Feats + Oils.


anyone?? please @funcom Shed some clarity as to this setting in official servers ( @Community )

for official server, what is it going to be? true or false?

Of course they are going to demolish. That’s the whole point of the double harvest rate. Hope you been farming hard!!!


this above is what they annouinced it will be active over official server.

question remains if this other setting : CampCleanupDestroyFullBuilding=True/False will be set to false , they have NOT said anything officially. hence my question.

Oh I see. Then you should better tag someone relevant… at this point I think no one from Funcom is screening this forum anymore

I highly doubt they are changing what has already been said officially. If they were going to, they would have updated that same post. No reason to panic here.

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Thanks Multigun for the summary - excellently put together as usual.
Thanks too to the Funcom staff for the DevStream which was very informative.

There was a lot of excellent news and reveals in the DevStream, but all the goodness was spoiled by one thing (and not surprisingly it was held back until very late in the stream)…

Do horses really need another nerf?

After their initial release when they could fight and defend themselves while parked and the player on foot doing other stuff, they were nerfed to be non-combatant and just glorified bicycles with big saddlebags.

Levelling up horses has become largely pointless now as they add nothing to combat other than an elevation advantage for the player (gives local combat area overview) and escape speed (to run away and fight another day).

As an example - The ability of archers to knock you off the horse with one arrow has made using horses to rush through the Dafari camp at The Dregs very suicidal and it’s now much safer to take the long route via Hyena & Ostrich country.

I was very dismayed to see the whoops of joy at the unspecified announcement of horses getting another nerf, until I realised that all the cheerers were those who earlier in chat had identified themselves as PvP players. I did not see one single cheer from anyone who had identified as a PvE / PvE-C / RP player. This made me realise (once again) how selfishly vocal the PvP minority is in any game’s community.

Funcom, you capitulated to the “I wanna win” PvP whiners. That’s a great way to alienate your majority PvE player base (especially the disabled and handicapped portion of the player base) who thoroughly enjoyed horses the way they were first introduced to the game.

The only complaints I’ve ever had about horses, since they were introduced, are - how closely they snuggle up to you when you’re on foot with one following you (often trapping you against walls and cliffs), and the “out of sync with other inventories” need to hold, not tap, the key to access inventory - I’ve always felt that the “tap to mount” and “the hold to access inventory” was inverted by accident and never fixed.

Similarly, using a completely different key © to dismount is not intuitive - the key to dismount should be the same as the key to mount, and subject to a state conditional for the code to decide which action to take, but it’s a personal gripe that’s way less important than the need for horses to remain relevant.

Please Funcom, be very very careful with changes you make that are requested solely by the PvP portion of your player base … otherwise you run the risk of alienating your PvE player base the way that Kixeye did - and look at how their player base and revenues collapsed when they didn’t listen to the PvE players.


I’m sorry to be that guy, but do we really need to derail another thread with this discussion? The last few threads about mounted combat have gone so toxic that the mods had to close them. Do we need to add a completely unrelated thread to that tally?

If you really want to stir the toxic pot with the accusations about “I wanna win PVP whiners”, could you please do it in a different thread? :pleading_face:


hey @Multigun what i am refering is that they only said about the :
EnableBuildingDestructionCapsules=True for official servers. BUT they never said if :

CampCleanupDestroyFullBuilding= will be set to true in official server , (my guess is a no,) but for sanity, would love confirmation that this will be set to FALSE , , (if you read the announcement, there is no mention about this server setting over official, reason why i am asking.

Hardly derailing a stream recap thread by discussing a topic raised in the stream and recorded in the recap notes.

… and yes, even in the stream chat there were calls of submitting to “PvP whiners” made by several viewers, so - again, NOT off topic.