Developers. Increase pvp clashes in the open world and beyond

Having played 600 hours in the game I almost did not participate in pvp
I’m most likely going to leave the game, since there is nothing but a pharma in it, if the situation does not change.

For developers.
There are a couple of ideas (examples) how to increase the chances of a skirmish in the open world.

  1. The dungeons.
    Dungeons are opened until the pvp inning once a day.
    When the boss is killed, the winning team gets a lot of loot or heart to craft the legendary weapon or armor, after which the dungeon starts to close and the players have to get out.
  2. Bosses that randomly appear and step along the routes on the map.
    At the killing of which also a lot of loot.
  3. Some obelisks that also open before the pvp half-time for 1-2 hours and transfer to the other server their entire clan, and enemies, too, from another server.
    The task is to destroy the enemies and obtain an artifact (for example, one that activates the shield or calls for an avatar instead of the high priests).

I think so pvp in the game will be very much and will be interesting.
What say?
Who has any ideas write.

They would have to make it an pvp instance. I would be fine with that to be honest.

The roaming boss idea is not a bad idea but i would rater suggest having some caravans traveling the map with some nasty npc’s :smiley: Cimmerian berserker or better :upside_down_face:

I don’t understand the 3 part?

Something like a mini-arena for 30-50 people on another map.
I used to have 40/40 players on my server, now 5-10, 4 of which are my clan, I do not have to fight with anyone, and I’m already tired of changing the 4th server.