Development Roadmap

Just an idea that would really help the community. Create a roadmap that shows what fixes, dlc, or updates you are working on. There is a game Star Citizen that does this and the community loves it. It would really help relieve the flack you are taking due to issues.

He is what Star Citizen uses

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this might be something similar to what you are suggesting. the board is a whats high priority, whats been fixed etc

I think he means a roadmap about the future development of the game. The Trello board only lists some issues of the game depending on its existing features. The players want to know about new features, new and not only cosmetic content: in example the mentioned Overhauls for the thrall/settlement system, the god/religion system and the siege/PvP System or new features like real and living Waters with monsters to fight, the already mentioned Pontoons and boats … These are definitely the themes people want to hear about.


Roads? Where Conan Exiles is going, we don’t need roads.

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like @Shadoza said, when they would talk about something as an idea, it steamrolled into they promised. See exhibits a and b, mounts and sorcery.
AS far as what they have that is firm, i think they like the idea of surprising us. They have committed to only these things i know of:
3 more Dungeon type Free DLC’s
3 more Cosmetic Paid DLC’s
An overhaul of the siege system
Continue optimization in general

dungeons wont be DLC, they will be update^^

Technically still a DLC, DownLoadable Content.
Just free. I edited that part in.

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yeh even funcom is confusing with the term, but it’s always good to crush the misunderstood that could be inherent^^
Thx for the edit

Note before reading the below, I don’t want to complain or drag people into editing, this is totally voluntairily done. On another note, I think after a while the community newsletter started to lack content which could be another reason to switch to other options (which they stated wanting to do and may or may not still be looking into besides Trello).

Currently, I am the only person maintaining the upcoming features list on the official wiki: Upcoming features - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

This list is outdated since more than a month and I am still looking for people willing to update it with information from @Multigun’s (hey, as always! :+1:) stream summaries from the past couple of streams. Doing this all on my own has gotten a bit frustrating and I’ve lately been concerned with the Mutant Year Zero (official), Conan Unconquered (‘ongoing’) and Conan Chop Chop (WIP) wikis. (mind, I don’t play these games and am less invested in them than Conan Exiles, so I am not contributing much content-wise unfortunately.)

In general, it’s always good to get more contributors working on the wiki. Upcoming features and other, more Funcom-related content are sideprojects and are mostly run by myself.

I’d appreciate any contributions to the wiki. You are welcome :slight_smile:

That’s why they are careful to avoid talking about fixes for all the undermeshing.15600044488024806653644285986182

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Please read this:

and then tell me people who bought the Early Access title were wrong to believe we’d be getting all sorts of goodies that never manifested - like mounts, sorcery and the settlement system. Pretending any of that was “just ideas” is mindblowing.

The somewhat widespread idea that this all comes from evil lying players making up stories is simply not true. It was very much promised. Then it proved impossible to fulfill, which is unfortunate but it happens.

I am absolutely sure Funcom fully intended to deliver what they promised when they made those promises. Then reality proved a b*tch as it often does, and those features were all cut. But again, it’s not a matter of willful misunderstanding on the part of players and pretending it is, is not doing anyone any favors.


I urge you to read that link, and tell me again how that doesn’t constitute a promise. It’s not a reddit thread (I was there in Reddit too). It’s not a discussion, it’s not spitballing on a stream, it’s a prepared document outlining the future of the game, intended to inform existing users and (more importantly) sell more copies.



I didn’t make it here until a few days after launch… yes I’m a late comer. Thanks for the good read. I’ve followed the debates, arguments, hyperbole, etc, every since then. Everything from the we need mounts thread that keeps rearing up (sorry for the pun), to Byran Skull’s sorcery rants.

After reading your attached linked grin the developers, all I can say is wow, that stuff was, really was, all promised. I love the game for what it is and plan to keep playing it… but wow.

Since not everyone will take the time to follow the link (I don’t always, apologies), I’m including screenshots of the wow parts. If it’s overkill, tell me and I’ll edit them out.


Thank you @JTtheDestroyer. I’ve also selected a few text quotes, as found below:
"Today we’re offering a more detailed look at some of the things to come"
Things to come. Not things that may come, could come, or that we’d like to see. Things to come.

"we’ve yet to mention that we’re also going to be adding buildable siege towers, avatar defense and corpse lockers to keep the fallen bodies of your slain enemies"
we’re going to be adding - no uncertainty, it’s presented as a given fact, nothing less (only one of those features have manifested so far, though it’s currently broken)

"We’re eventually also adding a dye system for customizing your armor and clothes."
Here the use of eventually shows some uncertainty over when (there’s still no if) - though somewhat ironically, this feature (dyes) did make it into the game

"During this period we’ll be adding some major updates to the game in the form of things like The Purge, animal taming and mounts, sorcery, a settlement system and new biomes."
The Purge did make it into the game (sort of, though nothing like it was first described). The rest of those features never did. But it’s we WILL be adding, not “we’d like to”, “maybe” “if we can”. It’s a straight up promise.

For the record I am neither particularly angry or (I hope) ranting that these features were cut. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. I was (somewhat) supportive on Reddit at the time, too. But let us please not pretend as some have started doing that it was never promised, that’s just dishonest.

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The original idea of the Purge didn’t do it in the game.
If anyone remembers:
The purge was planed as a server wide Threat

  • the Purge will look mostly like an army marching in a column. They will start on a random edge of the map (but not south, as that’s where new players appear) and form up there. (You can still find the purge towers in the Devkit)
  • There will be different versions of the Purge. One version might be wild barbarians that attack everything in their path, another might be an organized army with officers, and more.
  • The plan was for the Purge to figure out who has the biggest base in the server and head that way. The fires on the watch towers might burn in a different color before the Purge comes, to warn players.
  • The players have to stand together to survive this threat

Funcom changed and canceled a lot to release the game in 2018

The purge now seems like a tiny little brother of the original huge idea

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Im a reletive newcomer all around and my outlook on the arguments of others is to be a neutral party. That being said both sides have made a valid and legitimate argument. However said argument comes to a very abrupt mute point. That point being that Funcom did in fact clearly state certain things would be implemented but never were. As a result of that backlash Funcom no longer informs the community of potential content until a few weeks before release. This is good from a business aspect but it alienates the community. The best way I can think of to bring the community back into the loop is by making content polls of what could be worked on once current projects are completed or scrapped.

I think the trello board is what they have set up for this. But it is being used mainly as a bug fish status report. I think a any member on trello can suggest something. If it picks up steam, then they will answer/move it up in priority.

reading these posts opens up old wounds, this game had to much promise, I remember alpha clans back then even being worried that the purge would jack even them up…now its pathetic…settlement system? gone, real sorcery and a use for corruption? gone…

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Roadmap = plan? :thinking: Isn’t it the same? Also a roadmap can be changed or canceled.
So what’s the plan? Is it changed or canceled?
Why not talking about? This game is still Funcoms Blockbuster - it looks like they don’t trust their own skills.

The plan is to drive from Massachusetts to Colorado. The roadmap is how we mark milestones, waypoints and achievements. We may wander a bit in our travels, but the way and end is basically the same. :slight_smile: