Devkit - Dedicated editor for ItemStatModificationTable

Unfortunately, since Funcom have disabled the loading of DLC files in the Devkit, there’s no way to modify the DLC in any way. The only thing that we can adjust, is the weapon and armour stats, which won’t be reflected in the UI.

Worse still, is that the only way to do that, is by editing the ItemStatModificationTable. And it’s horrifically designed:

All the ID’s on the left-most column correspond to an item in the game, and the various int and float integer numbers correspond to various statistics, which I compiled here:

This is horrible. Having an actual editor rather than a terse, unintuitive, generic spreadsheet, would make editing the stats for DLC items actually bearable.

I was working on an editor myself, but hit a snag with Delphi’s TLists that I can’t work around. Here is how I designed the editor:

In the centre panel is a tree view, with every entry in the table displaying the rowname ID, suffixed with the actual name of the item. When one is clicked, the entries for that row are loaded on the right, with entries being able to be removed/added by clicking on the checkboxes in the corner of each entry. The dropdowns contain the stat ID names as strings, which are kept in a string array mapped 1:1 to another string array that contains the stat IDs themselves.

As you can see, it already looks much better to work with than that datasheet monstrosity. Having something similar in the Devkit would finally allow us to edit the stats of DLC items without having to slog through a bunch of numbers, hoping we don’t mess up at any given moment.

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