Devs, A quick question about Pets

So not expecting much, but I wanted some clarification here.

According to this thread by the Community Manager:

Dire Wolves and regular wolves are listed seperately, With Dire Wolves needing a Tier 3 pen, while normal wolves only need a Tier 2 pen.

But I just tested this out on Testlive, got a Dire wolf cub (listed as “Frostwolf cub” in the admin panel. And it appears the Dire Wolf is more like the White Tiger. A “Greater” version of the normal pet (in this case wolf).

When I was raising the frostwolf cub, it listed its adult form as a wolf. Sure enough, when I finally got the adult pet, it is list as “Greater Wolf”. rather then direwolf.

Obviously, I got the animal I wanted, but I would be great if there was some clarification if the Dire Wolf was intended to be a Greater version of the normal wolf, or if like the guide I listed states, it is suppose to be its own pet.

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