Devs... How is the Coronavirus affecting game development?

@Ignasi and @Hugo and @Tascha – just wondering about how things are going for you all? Hope you all are staying safe and taking health precautions.

And assuming that’s true, how will this pandemic affect game development (such as AI improvements and the planned new map) and the future of Conan Exiles?

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Obviously I’m not Funcom, but I can answer this question.

Funcom announced last week they were switching to remote work at all studios (as many other companies have world wide). So as far as the work side of things, Funcom is taking appropriate action on that front.

Can anybody really answer that question right now? I mean seriously, this is something virtually few have experienced in their lifetime (in terms of pandemic response and using isolation worldwide). I’m sure Conan Exiles will be “fine” but I really don’t think anybody can predict how things are going to affect the future of any company for a while.


For reference:

Stay safe, everyone!


This might be “The Storm” as often referenced by Q.

Pompeo called this a live exercise today.

President Xi of China was quoted as saying “The sun will come out after the storm.”

And the Prime Minister of Ireland said “Calm before the storm”… on march 17th no less (Q in the alphabet). Additionally, he stated this a couple days after meeting with President Trump. Who IS Q+ if you follow such things.

Hoping this is “The Storm”.

If it is, things should clear up pretty quick.

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