Devs mentioned Follower revive/bleedout system in 3.0. Hows that going?

I recall mention of a system shortly after Age of Sorcery regarding a reviving system for followers, after nerfs to their HP & damage reduced their survivability. I haven’t been playing or really keeping up for a few months now and my forum search found nothing relevant.

Anyone got some links or news for me?

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Devs haven’t breathed a word of it since. They just kinda dumped the idea on us then left it to rot far as we know.

Omg, I totally forgot about that! Thanks for bringing it up!

That would be a huge IQL.

It’s probably too tricky to implement though. :worried:

People complaining about the purge because they don’t want to lose a single foundation, then this followers should never die system. Is this farmville?

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