DEVS need to check out Assassin's Creed odysseys combat animation and bow combat



Highly recommend Assassin’s Creed origin, their combat animations with the spear is a impressive. I definitely prefer the gameplay of Conan exiles but the armor and the art design it’s really impressive, it definitely could spark some creative development in Conan exiles some of the armor sets are really beautiful.


You cannot really compare a single player rpg to a multiplayer pvp game.


Or a triple AAA game whose dev team is probably 10x larger then the one who worked on Conan Exiles, and whose budget was also probably an insane amount more.


Still, as the OP suggests, “could spark some creative development”. Even if the devs of CE don’t have the personnel or funds of a AAA game company, they may still find inspiration from other animation artists. We’ve already seen that they are still working on ways to improve combat, so its certainly within the realm of possibility to add a feature or two should ‘the muse’ so inspire.


AC’s in-house engine had a decade to evolve. I seen their tech. It’s nuts! The tools they use to create levels is the most advanced tool I’ve ever seen. It basically makes any geometrical shape you make dynamically climbable with the appropriate animations.

Conan does this too , but alas in a multiplayer-friendly way.

The point here is; AC has an incredible decade old time tested foundation to improve upon.

Conan Exiles has had to rush it’s own foundation and are now jury-rigging jury-rigs of jury-rigs. But it still looks great despite the awful filter they use and the pitch black nights… it still is fun as hell.

If Funcom had an in-house game engine, and kept working in it fir the last decade, i’m sure they would be blasting out new content instead of debugging all day


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