Devs need to get a bit better with scale - opinion

I was just looking through the current bazaar and found a (very overpriced imo) Flamboyant Feasts DLC. The same issue persists here as with other table / chair sets.

How often do you actually see a backrest on a seat that has armrests barely go over the edge of a table?

As with the others, when a player sits at these tables, they look as if the table is at or above their chest, just under the neck. No table is like that IRL. The scale is completely off with all chairs.

I don’t believe they give a sh** about scaling unfortunately. Have you been to Sepameru lately? You think the buildings look small from a distance but when you go up to some of them the door is the size of your shin. All buildings in Sepameru don’t make sense scale wise.


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