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During Dev Chat I noticed everything shown was on PC. Not that this is an issue but I don’t recall consoles ever getting strict attention to anything. Does every enhancement/bug fix get the PC nod first? It would be nice to have a console test server and address our issue that PC doesn’t have. It seems we consolers get the short end of the stick. Conan PC is not the same game Conan on consoles is.

I have been a heavy advocate of console getting in-game chat (typing) something that PC has. Its NEVER addressed.

Can someone from a non-gamer standpoint and more business side help me understand the lack of support on the console side I mean we are all paying customers here.

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Doing a test-live n consoles is not possible, as test is constantly hot fixed and patched. Sony and Microsoft charge and have to certify every hot fix and patch.

As for priority, PC will always be first, as that is where they are actually developing the game, and then it is ported to work on consoles. I am sure internally, they try and keep both as parallel as possible. Consoles are really only left behind as far as private servers and the ability to be unique with them. No mods (sony and microsoft again :wink: ), as well as no .db access to make .ini adjustments that could help in some areas restricts down to just adjusting a few sliders, some of which don;t actually function any more (NPC/Follower damage…)


Well… aside from the fact that PS4 is a full patch behind Xbox and PC at the moment… we are still awaiting a Hanuman’s grove fix…among a couple other minor things.


True, but those were closer to hot fixes, and like stated, every patch for PS4 and XBOX costs money, no matter how big or small. And that particular on is not consider by Funcom as game breaking. Annoying as hell, yes, but not game breaking. As for major issues with console specific bugs, because they are on consoles, they are worked on separately, and are usually rolled into a planned patch/update when possible.

Xbox got the patch with a VOIP fix at the same time. I mean, for me personally, VOIP could wait till the next big update… but I guess there’s the relative level of freakout that is going on that motivates one of the other…

Is there an ingame chat in GTA:O on consoles? I don’t think so.

Yes there is a virtual keyboard (vk) on consoles but is it really available in games? I guess developers would have to develop their own vk in game. Which is a lot of work, if you consider all fonts and languages.

Also this:

I think most VOIP and keyboard issues are on Sony’s side and how much prgrammers have to do to get them to work. It has been a while, but i think there are threads on here somewhere about it all.

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Well, Mostly if you don’t have Dev kits and are making changes PC side for consoles in mind.

Consoles > PC market is alot bigger, and alot more games are tested in consoles, and ported PC. Compared to years ago, when PC games being ported was other way around.

I often make the sarcastic joke about “how poorly a game runs on console, and its like the dev team doesnt even play outside PC”
Always someone who tries to jump on the statement to correct it.

Its pretty rare for games to not have console testing. Its often PC only games that even fall in that mark. (I brought this up for Fo76 and ESO, which later showed they indeed console tested)

It was noted by Jens once before, that Funcom lacked the ps4 dev kits. (no mention of xbox)
None of staff really touched on it again to confirm or denie it.
I’ve made my comments before… if there is console testing for CE, they are doing a very bad job. =(
getting trapped in passage going to live was… crappy. XD but understandable do to its placement on fix list.
Something like punching and kicking go to Live when building… was just. (insert alot of swear-words) And fact it took 3-4 months for them to even touch on it.
Frustrated the hell out of me.

still here thou… waiting on that ps4 patch… trying to enjoy staying at home with blue screens and combat freezes…

Them console dev kits are not cheap to get. To your point, if FC really does not have them its a shame I also do feel like none of the FC team plays console either? Here this awesome game we have on PC lets do our best to port it over to a less superior machine and if it flops o-well we will keep milking it until people just stop playing we will always still have the PC version because its better. This is how I feel as a CE PS4 owner.

Aside from playing CE I also play FFxiv on PS4 on I find myself comparing the games why doesn’t CE do typing chat so people can communicate why cant zoom my camera view in and out when in 3rd person. I totally understand Square Enix and FC are 2 different levels money wise and I don’t want them to be the same game but I always see the excuses that PS4/Xbox has limits and I’m like no they do it great over here on so and so game.

… I don’t know I do not mean to turn this into a rant it just gets frustrating when a game you love doesn’t seem like its being developed at all. I had a taste of the PC version of Conan a few months ago and I have been salty since. If you play on PC and then played the console version you would be upset as well.

Text chat one always hits home… Mute myself, so its my only form of talking in-games. And its a shame when its ignored. Look at ESO, I basically had to ignore it… finally joined in on fun when it got added.

Fo76 i’m playing right now… I wish they would add it. Same for CE, I’d put up with abit of trolls and griefers if I could itlest chat and joke around.

Fact the CoD MW got text chat… was so weird, rather happy… just to bad its a dinky text in corner of screen no one can see or reads… LOL
I can never win… XD

Text chat on consoles there is a law in the US which requires to have text to speech when a chat is added, guess that is what hinders chat on consoles.
ESO had chat before the law, so they are not required to add text to speech.

The only people that have time to chat and play in CoD is the PC players lol

What game that has chat does text to speech. Thats a PC windows feature is it not?

It can be done… Tell me again, why the client needs an update if the server-logic changes? Just disable offline/local playmode for Beta-testing version of Conan. Works only with the Beta-Servers.

And all server side changes (which are quite a lot), can be done without any update to the game client.

The problem is/was: The game is primary designed for PC.

So many things are broken in the console version or do not work so good (admin mode is the best example). You have no console-commandos, etc.

I still cannot understand the hiding of the search-field in the crafting menu, when you PLAY with a controller! This even happens at the PC.
So some Dev at Funcom thought this is a great idea and implemented such a function!!!
And yet you can search/filter the skills in the last skill tab at consoles… (and it works!!)

And this inconsistency throughout the whole game, is the next thing… I better stop ranting now. Have a nice day.

I play SND, plently of time when your dead for round to toss in last location or bomb drop site. =3

As for law, don’t think its really enforced. As someone who is mute… i dont care for text to speech, I just want text chat… gimmie pure base level I need.

That is beyond my knowledge. My guess is for the clinet side to talk to the server side, they have to have similar structured .db. That would be a good question. But all i know is when i do test live on PC (i have a pc version just to check out what is coming, and hopefully one day do some modding) it has to update to match the server side.

In general, i don’t think it quite works that way for client/server .db. IF that was the case, then you would not need a client side at all for online play.

My best guess is that by having client and server side house parts of the script to run the game, it relieves work load to prevent the server from just grinding to a halt. So if something is updated, it will need to be updated client side so it can communicate properly.

For sure enough changes will have an impact on server and client side. But some are only server-side.

But its hard to tell, if it would be worth it to have beta-tests at console.

Totally get it. The example however was for those who say Conan on console has limits.

Conan PC has typing chat built in why did they pull it from the console version. It wasn’t because of console limitations.

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