Dev's stop blaming mod developers and exploiters for a bad patch just fix it

Beginning of rant:
This patch caused more issues than it fixed. You can see that by looking in these forums and on steam. To the point people are leaving and even want a refund.
All i see is you guys blaming mods developers and exploiters for reasons why. This isn’t the case because just by reading a bit you find out that its affected none moded servers also and servers privately owned by just friends 3-7 people playing it not open to public.
Just stop playing the blame game and fix it. My private server I am on has only 3 people play together no one else has become unstable and unplayable due to this patch. Myself, A friend and her BF only play on it.
Just stop the blame game damage control, just say “hey we screwed up we will get a hotfix out asap”
End of rant:

Can you explain quickly what you mean by this? What is affecting none modded servers as well?
We are aware of issues with crashes (which we did a hotfix for) and the quick loot issues which we are currently looking into.

Rant kid spotted

My server is modded and when update come it got issues…RANT!!!

I’m gonna claim all the servers have problems now even though I never played on mod-free or official!!!


Seriously you should be grateful the Dev is even looking into mod issue.

Mods are unoffcial and it should be up to the modder to make sure the mod is up to date and doesn’t conflict with new version

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If the issue is only on a modded server then the issue is caused by a mod. If an issue is caused by a mod then fixing your issue is the responsibility of the mod maker. Pretty sure that the devs did not make these mods, so I do not see how it’s their fault that the patch broke your moded servers.

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You just have to look at steam comments. Not that hard. Btw its not my server I do not pay or maintain it. But issues like all my stuff is gone. Can’t place objects. These things they talk about my friends server suffers from.
So I can’t even rebuild if i want too can’t craft anything involving stations because we can’t place them down.
Edit: Things that are gone are more than orbs practically everything. All my stuff I worked for, Not spawned in or abused copy. But none the less everything was gone everything days farming spawn sites for t4 thralls mats i spent time going out to gather stations so forth.

Did you even read the comments above?

It`s really not that hard.

No developer can or will have any possibility to patch their game without issues from modded servers or clients.

The modders will fix most of the issues when the devkit arrives.

I play on official with out mods for that reason alone, as i dont want all these problems.

But for reference, please dont blame anyone for playing on a 3 party modded server, its no ones fault, its in the nature of the “modding” community this will happen, and all know it, (at least most players do) because it allways happens, in all games that allow modding.

You sound like you want the developer to stop developing their game because there is an option to mod it?
How do you think the game would look like then?
No frozen North, no jungle, no new items/placebles, no new biomes, all because you want to keep playing your mods and never adapt to the games lifespan of changes?

This is Normal, in every game that allow mods/modding.
If you find one game, with mod support, that have no issues when major patches arrive, well then id like to hear what game that is.

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Am I reading the OP correctly? In their first post they stated that the after patch issues are affecting private none modded servers.

Yet in his second reply, he acknowledges that the server they are playing on is not maintained by him, but by his friends, and that they have no knowledge what is installed on it or not.

What are you talking about?
For 3 weeks I have been playing the test version, each patch introduced new problems to the game and no one verified it. All you have to do is play 1 hour to find a lot of mistakes (no rain / snow, F does not work for a month, slaves from the beginning of EA do not react properly, hitboxs when collecting stone material, pillars that cease to support ceilings, reset tasks in the wheel of pain and other workshops after closing the game, animals that in the eyes of the player only stand frozen, instead of moving and live etc.) These are just a few examples that you can come across in a few moments after starting the game. I ask whose fault it is that this is the game I have supported and in which playing creates more flustration than pleasure. In this forum every day there are requests for the repair of new discovered errors and what no patch fix them only adds new ones. Why dev does not test your work before issuing patches and why they are so rare and so big, unless dev has a different game than our Conan and everything works there always great :frowning: What happens on video broadcasts dev is not talking about the game only shows for an hour funny videos with players and give away 2 shirts. This is really sad and devoid of professionalism.

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I’m sorry but pointing the finger at anyone for yesterday’s patch in regards to breaking a mod is just childish. Did a mod or mod’s break when a patch deployed? Yes. Was there a problem with non-modded servers crashing? Yes. Did they release a hotfix to fix what broke the game just a few hours after the patch? Yes. Is there anything they can do about a mod breaking and wiping a server? No. It’s not the modders fault nor is it the game devs fault. It’s the nature of sandbox games people. In virtually all sandbox games everywhere that have mod support (ie allow you to cheat by using modifications to the game) for the players this happens. Although, I give kudo’s to funcom because they are relatively speedy for releasing the updated dev kits at 2 to 3 days so the mod devs can fix them. There are others that take up to 2 weeks. For all of you upset because you lost all your bases and contents due to mod breaking…you knew or should have known that is always going to be a possibility when you choose to use mods or play on a server that uses mods. Mods are not part of the game and the game dev’s have zero to do with them they simply allow you to use them. You as a player decide to take that risk when you do. So all of you wanting to point the finger…turn it around and point it right back at ya.

It’s not like your server admin can’t fix the problem in less than 5 minutes by disabling the mod, doing a rollback and you then have all your stuff back in less than 10 clicks of the mouse. It’s not game breaking. You just can’t use that mod until the mod dev gets the updated dev kit’s to get it updated. sheeesh

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Wow. One of the most uninformed posts I’ve ever seen. Take some hearsay from Steam forum posts from people you have absolutely no idea what kind of server they’re running (if they’re running one at all) and then rant about it.

I wish people like this would just STFU unless they have a nice, valid list of issues with examples of what happened, full descriptions of the issue, a list of the mods loaded on the server, screenshots and more.

I run my own dedicated, private server on my own box with no mods whatsoever if you’re wondering what my background is.

I would never rant on devs for crap I have no actual knowledge of.

I suggest the rest do the same. Unless you can document the issues you are having with YOUR server that you’re going to rant about, just STFU.