Devs, way to prevent Alpha clans from wrecking the game

As we already know these Alpha clans can and very often do wreck the game for many players. They enjoy ruining the game for others that can not spend 100 of hours a month into play time. Nothing like getting in from work, turn on the game and to find out all your months worth of work destroyed be a grifing large clan.

We’ll, what about making it so when a larger clan attacks a smaller one that the smaller ones base is proportionally improved depending on the size of the larger attacking clan?

Say, 10% structure improvement for the smaller clans base per each member of attacking larger clan. So, if a clan of 7 nerds would attack a solo players base, raid hours, the defending solo players base would receive 70% increase strength of structures… 7 clan members X 10% each= 70% structural strength of defending smaller clan/solo player. Another example… an Alpha clan of 10 attacks a smaller clan 3 members. The smaller clan base will receive a bonus of structural strength of 70%>>>> 10 members - 3 members= 7 so 7 X 10% =70% structural increase.

This would greatly improve griefing from these larger clans when attacking smaller ones clans or solo players when attacked offline and on. Least it is a step in the right direction. These changes will not stop a large clan from destroying another base but will make it much more costly and take a lot more time.

It’s the genre’s flaws. There is not much that can be done. Especially not by Funcom.

Your suggestion is nice, but once people know about it, they will simply leave their clan for the attack and have 7 solo clans.

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You can play private servers with lower clan capacity and without offline raiding

Also, what is the reason in 70% bonus? Most alphas have unlimited number of bombs. So they just will spend more time to raid you, this change will not save you from raid

It will not save a base from a raid but make it way more costly toward the alpha clan and possible help the smaller clan survive the duration of the attack.

I have to agree with @Zandman. It won’t stop an alpha clan. The only thing that could be done is that your construction cannot be destroyed if you aren’t online. To prevent abuse, make it that if you get attack and you leave they will be a 1 hours timer were your base could be destroyed.

I thought the idea of this was to SURVIVE, BUILD, & DOMINATE

They be dominating.


Maybe give all players a secured lock box that can not be attacked. the lock box can increase with the character level. At level 10 it can hold 10 items at level 60 it can hold 60 items. So, at level 60 if your base get wrecked by a clan least you will have some items stored (safely) that you can continue with.

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That might be like that, but imagine someone is wiping your progress on a daily basis. That is just annoying and might make you want to just quit playing this game.

I thought it was SURVIVE. BUILD. DECORATE. That’s what I’ve been doing for all this time.

Maybe that’s why I’ve enjoyed every moment and don’t understand all the troubles other people seem to be having.


Isnt that what pvp survival games are? Doesn’t this happen in Rust a lot, and in Ark?

Also, you weren’t around in EA were you, fighting the Chinese? You woke up daily to the stone age. Every. Single. Day.

Learn their weaknesses and how to win.

I personally would like to see explosive jars removed. You can spam craft them so easy with a couple people who know the game well.

Trebuchet siege only and explosive arrows. It would be more balanced.


the server im playing on doesn’t so much have an alpha problem as people sitting on horses ganking people at obelisks before they even load in, repeatedly and at different obelisks, it is amazingly effective.

you could just trash their base sure but all they need is a pony and a stick to “have fun”.

Then you need to remove the ability to build or repair during an attack, since two people farming and crafting new pieces can be done very fast.

trebs destroy slowly, no need to make them not repair. The idea is slowing down the destruction. Not halting it altogether

No, I mean that if you are Clan A and attacking Clan B, Clan B cannot repair their base that you are attacking for XXXX time. Or, for XXXX time after last damage.

We both know you can spam and replace building pieces faster then you can raid. That would be the issue

The thing is, some people don’t want to play this game every day. To be forced to start it every evening just to defend potential attacks. Some people have a real life.

Totally agree.

But there are those people that CAN invest the time to win. Should they be punished because others cant play as much? Seems to me, the raid window was shortened for this exact reason. Imagine if it was 24/7 raiding like the old days??

Ive been through the daily attacks, and started from the stone age every day for weeks on end. I know what its like.

If you want casual playing though, officials aren’t the place…unless youre wanting PVE/PVEC. Private servers may offer offline protection, which would suit your needs better, but it wont happen on officals.

Yes, basically they should. Not because they play more, but they gain the advantage by playing when no one else does. I don’t understand where the fun part is in that. If you are there for pvp, you most likely want to fight. The fun in pvp is fighting vs people and the thrill you could lose something or everything. In Conan you lose everything when you can’t be online or by getting exploited due to glitches or cheesy mechanics.
That’s mostly the reason I tried pvp in Exiles and left to my own server and playing with and vs. some friends.

I was playing on private servers like Battleborn, Steppenfrost or Four Kingdoms.

Since they are all gone and the PvP scene is basically dead I moved on and am now starting to play Last Oasis.

PvE/RP is boring for me. And that’s the majority of Conan‘s players.

Lets hope for u and many more that game gonna improve alot. Cuz right now it looks so bad. And I also hope for conan it gets good so CE get some competition, and really have to work to keep their players. If they even care about the PVP players.