Devs what happens to the missing crafting stations and chests that were deleted by your big fix?

Can you help us out and inform players what is going to happen with all the crafting stations and chest this patch deleted?

I would also like to know this. And is this going to happen every time you guys update? Shouldn’t be a plan be in place for when this happens?

Is this why I can’t plut down any large campfires? Was checking my base, found one missing but yet no matter where I move the mouse, literally everywhere shows “invalid building placement”.

Good thing my Survival is high enough to eat uncooked food I guess…

Maybe they want to introduce a new paid service for $/€10, where you can request one time restoration of your missing items. :smiley:
So next time when you lost 20-30 hours of gameplay because of missing items from next “fix” - you will be able to pay them to restore it.

Nice way to get some additional incomes from that game.

So I can I safely assume that with no response from funcom about this issue they are going to leave it to the players to bear the burden of replacing the items they lost because of this patch?

Its up to the players to recover from their patch is that it?

if so problem with this then is it makes me question player item security in this game when any future patch can delete your items. It means player storage is not secure.

I don’t see this as being any different to an exploiter/hacker coming in and stealing your stuff.

Players can’t defend against it either way and the result is the players have no sense their items are secure.

The same applies to losing thralls due to the patch.

Ya at this point I consider loosing a fair chunk of my storage and base a new feature included with each patch. I’ve lost thousands upon thousands of mats in the last 2 patches and never heard a word on it.

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