Diagonal Fence Pieces for Staircases

Would it be possible to create fence pieces that fit along the outer edge of a staircase so when creating a wrap around or spiral stair case, you can fill in the gaps. It would be functional as well as cosmetic.

To fill in these gaps and prevent your character from falling.


Would be a nice idea but you can already do this with regular wall pieces…like diagonal wall pieces I mean. You can even put a roof on it.



Show me what you mean.

This screenshot is of a nemedian staircase. I put diagonal walls on it. I I had of built it up a bit more I could have put a roof on it like my brother did to his. I will try to find a pic of his stairs.

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Here is my brothers, with a roof on it. You can make it out to the left of center, or left of the main gate.

EDIT: Sorry I meant left

I meant left, lol, sorry.

Yes but that’s not really a fence. It’s a wall.
But with some tricks you can lower the wall and put it on the fence high. But seems that these tricks to lower structure pieces become to be a problem with the next updates.

Your right, it’s not a fence. it’s a close as I can get without rigultru’s idea though

Yes that’s the only way you can do this without any tricks at the moment.

A true diagonal fance would be very nice. Placable on stairs, roofs and diagonal walls. With the same anticlimb protection like normal one.


That’s one of my options to do this.
Need to put 1/2 lower floors under the stairs.
Better is 5/8 lower then it fits to the fence high

Or the second variant is to place a pillar at the stairs end and make floors that have 1/2 floor offset to the stairs.

But that’s not official way and there is no anticlimb defense. So again I would like to see diagonal fences as an own structure piece


The OP is right though. Every set should of course include banisters! There are so many missing parts from every set in the game it’s not even funny! I’m amazed at the workarounds people are able to achieve given the current limitations and minimalistic sets. @CodeMage thinks they are “spectacular” though - LOL ~=poke-poke=~… ~=poke=~ :wink:

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Since the notes from 2.8 about fencestacking I become the feeling that I am abusing the buildingsystem :see_no_evil:

This isn’t the same. This almost achieves it.

  1. The walls along the stairs are not functional fences with anti climb.

  2. The walls along the stairs are not flush with the fences at the top and bottom of the stairs.

  3. On a side note, we have stairs with railings in some build sets if not all, yet the railings are not functional and the railings should be raised to be flush with fences.

I can appreciate the jank the game is capable of when it comes to getting things to fit, but this isn’t about a workaround in the case of my suggestion.


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