Did anybody else get a new user license agreement?

I’ll be honest I don’t feel comfortable signing your new user license agreement. Cannot find any documentation that speaks to the update or what you’ve updated in the user agreement, and I have a suspicion that they’re going to start going after people who are vocal about their product Instead of going after people that exploit the game. I have a suspicion this is an easier and more cost-effective method then going after the Brazilian Chinese kids they are wrecking the game.

I definitely like to see a change one log. Before I sign the user agreement, I think it’s super jacked up a not a speak of it and notify the public. And then secondly, it’s not very transparent their business practices. especially since I’ve already purchased the product After the fact.

Some of the information about tracking and using personal data is a little unnerving I definitely would like more elaboration this. And what exactly is funcom’s intent.

is FunCom going to make available refunds for people who don’t agree with the user agreement after the fact. Because that is not ethical business practice.

Heya! On which platform? Did you see it pop up in the game? I’ll investigate this further.

That would be corporate suicide, no way that’s happening.

Yeah, can confirm that’s not a thing.
People are more than welcome to have a voice on the game, positive or negative. That’s a huge reason we have these forums.


NA Ps4, log in no issue.

“Some of the information about tracking and using personal data is a little unnerving I definitely would like more elaboration this. And what exactly is funcom’s intent.”
^ thats basiclly in ever TOS/ULES, it varies to differnt things like watching what location players hang out at, or who long you play, did you reach lv10 over and over and quit etc.

Aother example, is game crashes and you report it, it’ll nab Ps4 firmware version, did you have another thing running. Its there to help you and devs, and not sell you flavored soap cause you eat spiced haunch meat all time. XD

I’m all for stringent rules on hackers and exploits don’t get me wrong. but it is a Known business practice when a company updates your user agreement they will you post the update change one log somewhere. It speaks to transparency and the general intent. Also there’s a piece in there about no contribution or reimbursement 4 content or idea that people come up with. I think it’s all jacked up that if a player just a revolutionary idea there not compensated in some small way. Like a free DLC or at least name recognition for their contribution. Remember it’s about community more than anything and to say we’re going take peoples ideas not tell them about it and then Profit from it is definitely kind of messed up. I think you’re User agreement is a little weak and needs a little bit more that rewards community input. and positive behaviors. Like say something at contributions will be acknowledged and Reimbursed at funcom’s discretion. remember once again it’s about the community. This is like the time I posted this in forums the community ultimately your key to success

Another piece the little unnerving is that it is a EU license agreement. And I’m a US citizen. And the EU dues not have freedom of speech, they have Freedom of expression. and other parts a little unnerving is they used the New York court system as a litigation for US matter. Which is arguably the most liberal court system in the US beside the ninth district. I realize that last post is not relevant. but it does speak to ultra liberal ideology

But once again funcom needs to post updates when they Patch, and Angel one logs when they update their user agreement for full transparency.

It may not be a update, you may live in a location that forces it out, do to law changes.

Example, Europe passed law about TOS stuff (from NA) so emails got sent out about the whole thing. And alot of people had resign there ULA/TOS etc etc.

May be nothing. Didn’t get a noticed to resign in NA, nor did my friend in Japan. May be were you live?

what is ULA/TOS?

User License Agreement
and Terms of Services.

Its name varies around world, and from company to company.

if I get a change one log then I, am totally good. But until then I’m not updating my user agreement. there needs to be a degree of transparency. they just need to show what was changed. and that’s it and just be transparent about it.

Wake up funcom plan your stuff accordingly.

We haven’t touched the conan exiles eula recently, so I am not sure what you are referring to. It’s also a pretty normal, standard practice EULA we are using.

What platform are you playing on? Could it be you got a platform related EULA ?
Any other reason I could think of is if that would trigger the existing EULA is if you completely reinstalled the game.

EULA = End User License Agreement. Most games have this in place for the player to agree to.

You are assuming malice where none maybe intended. You have already jumped to a conclusion that it is about stifling criticism of tge game. Why?

Look, there are ample forums out there that Funcom does not control, such as Redit or the Steam forum. There is also ample media presence in the gaming world that are trying to get news stories. If any of those started suspecting Funcom was doing as you suggest, there would be a huge out cry. It would be a public relations nightmare for Funcom.

Given that Funcom is finally out of debt and posted it’s highest earnings this year, do you honestly think they would jeopardize that? Do yiu honestly think if they did this, you would be the only one raising a fuss on these and other forums?

I get the concern but I think you are barking at nothing here. If it was as big as you seem to be worried out, i think far more people would be up in arms.

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this is after 568 hr of play time. supper weird then playing on PC

Odd that there is a UK flag at the top of the EULA. Could this be tied to Brexit?

IM from the US its also Kingdom come Deliverables also, maybe its a new UK law that Steam is pushing out

A possible solution from a reddit thread:

Usually that’s because steam is runing through the initial setup of the game. The initial setup does all the redistributables and also pops any EULA stuff

that steam thinks you installs are ‘new’. Could be coinciding with the new steam client update, but its hard to say.


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