Did Funco Nerf the Game?

Is it just me or has funco nerfed the game making everything more difficult? This is an
old tactic used by game developers who have no new content, make it more difficult to level up. Seems the mission with the turncoat quest I could easily beat on elite 8 is now so difficult I can’t even kill the two agents. Also all my agents seem to be suddenly unable to do a lot of the missions. I just tried to assign them missions and they couldn’t hit 100% even on the level 3 missions, yet last week they could do most of the level 5 missions.


I agree with Aeryl, in short

I haven’t noticed any difference with agents.

It is also a lot easier, for me, to level up.

I’m already level 50 an have been upgrading my gear.

How far have you gone? You should join some dungeons and do some S&P scenarios.

Everything seems a little easier now after the rebalance rather than harder.

Agents are literally untouched. Like any perceived getting harder on that front is your memory playing tricks.
Rebalance did shovel some things around but that made if at all things easier. Since it seriously hampered the high spike damage some content had.
There have also been multiple things that made content progressively easier. From arsenal cache talismans to talisman fragments and such and new agents.

Are you level 50? I do the missions, dungeons and scenarios to build my gear and do few of the quests on the different maps. So only someone playing on that level would notice. But it’s quite evident that’s what happened. There’s no other explanation . I’ve seen it happen a dozen times, and the game developers always deny it and so do the loyal fans. But when you run a mission everyday and easily beat it and suddenly you cannot beat it but get killed over and over when before you didn’t, something has changed in the game end.

This isn’t about my memory.

I’ve been level 50 for a year, working on building my gear by doing only dungeons, scenarios and missions that pay high. I do little on the maps other than the dailys and Transylvania for cash.

E17 with several alts up to E10. I run scenarios and the faction missions every day. There has been no sudden stealth nerf.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve been gone, but doing S&P scenarios will give you a guaranteed blue chest if you finish with 10/10 survivors. Can give you some nice rewards that give you extra XP and whatnot. Dungeons do too.

It sounds like you’ve been gone, so I’m assuming you don’t about all the new stuff.

Besides that, I still haven’t noticed anything harder than before, but I don’t play characters under E17.

@richter actually… You may want to go over your abilities again. A lot of abilities (some weapons, some talis) have changed. Could be why you’re having a harder time.

Thanks a reasonable alternative cause, I’ll look into that. But it would still be nerfing.

Actually I’ve been doing the S&Ps every day for months, that’s why I noticed a change.

There have been no significant changes since the rebalance patch last year.

My gaming experience tells me something different, and any time game developers nerf a game they never announce it and in fact they deny doing it. Do you work for Funco or are you just presuming to have personal knowledge of it’s inner working?

To be clear, anything game developers do to make it more difficult to advance in a game is nerfing.

Ok guys this is clearly a conspiracy theorist troll. Just saying !

Is this point where we can speculate about terms used? Like, I thought nerfing is making things easier. At least when you say “nerfing game”, not “nerfing weapons”. Also google says Funco is some car making company, maybe that’s the thing, the theory is they took place of Funcom like some evil doppelganger and ruined the game?

P. S. I definitely had to change builds to be able to do things again and new builds felt rather awkward to use but I didn’t notice changes with mobs and stuff…