Did Funcom do this on purpose?

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What is the “haze” that’s now on everything since the update, the sun, the sky, no longer clear, but now looks like Los Angeles during the summer with smog over it and then of course they made it so pitch black at night you can’t see anything like on exiles…then I had some crafter thralls go from named to tier three and two…what on earth is going on with this update? lol

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Not experiencing any “haze” issues.

It all looks normal to me.

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Some crafters from Update 2.3 had names by mistake. I know at least about one Tanner having name but being T3 in fact judging by her crafting speed.

I had the same problem with how they changed the lightning. Up until the point where, by mistake, i have changed from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen.

To help you remove the “haze” as you call it, try to change Ur Display setting too. I use a Customized Resolution, that is running on 63hz and that helps aswell in case of having an older Monitor.

Hope it will work for you too, as it did for me.

Here you can see some screenshots which Show the visible difference.

The entirety of “haze/foggyness” will not be gone, but it will look A LOT better.

As of thrall names and professions, nothing to add. :innocent: It is/will be fixes, nothing major.

ahhhh…that makes sense, so it’s not just me then lol

hmmm, I’m 99% sure I didn’t hit f12 or f11 as my screen capture buttons are windows + print sysrq. My clan mate also noticed a visible difference as well as my screenshots from yesterday to today are definitely showing a difference. I will look into this on the off chance it was hit though, but it’s doubtful.

I told you what happend to me.

For you, just check if you play Fullscreen or Windowed Fullscreen and change Ur accordingly. If nothing changes, then try raising Monitors hertz output. 63 will be enough to notice the difference.

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Why would have this just changed since the update? I changed what you said no difference.

Great. Why in the world does funcom think that is an attractive thing to do to their game? It looks awful. I compared screenshots from last night to me running around playing now and it’s just sad looking. LOL

Yeah I’ve noticed it as well. Also, the water is murkier. And have you noticed a huge difference in the darkness? Now it’s literally blackness, and that’s on high settings.

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I’ll play with gamma settings. Recently switched from console (couldn’t wait for updates anymore!) so still adjusting, but so far, WAY better than console. Thx

In the jungle waters I have this problem looong time ago. And even the glowing stick isn’t enough. Not 100% darkness, but pretty dark to not see beyond a couple of meters. Which makes sense by the way, waters arent’ crystal creal in savannahs, and swampy areas.

You can check my 2 screenshots, are made on Siptah and the difference is very visible. Maybe on Exiled Lands is not working.

I am sorry that my workarounds did not helped you.

Nah I don’t find it pleasing to the eye at all. It literally looks like smog over a city which doesn’t make any sense in an airy, open field with minimal trees or hills. Maybe if it came and went like actual fog but it’s just constant. I kept thinking my eyeballs had a film over it until my clan mate said no, there’s definitely a fog. I guess some like it, I don’t lol.

Weird, I do see the changes on Siptah but it is not like you describe. Maybe you could post a screen shot.

I’m not having any issues with this. Looks pretty ok to me. Maybe your gamma is too high or your monitor is broken.

Around 3:50

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Or see: Less fog please!

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