Did funcom nerfed NPCs?


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[Did funcom just nerfed npcs? I could swear Amzadi the Wanderer had over 5k health straight out of the wheel (yesterday) and today she is 1900 after leveling to lvl7? I did not download any updates either.]

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I have not heard of any updates to ps4. What you have there sounds like a bug. Was on last night with a named bearer level 6 I think he was 4 or 5 thousand.

Did you try logging off and back?7

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She has 5200 or something like that.


I have justvcleared one camp and noticed she was badly injured (or that was what I thought). Checked again and her health is 6397 (she is lvl 8 now). The total health goes up and down for no reason.

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Does she have plenty of food to heal up? Pork will give her extra strength and damage.

Yes, sestus2009. The food should not affect her total health, however. I start clearing the camp with her being in her 1900s. She got about 600 hp damaged so her health dropped to 1300s and out of nowhere, her total health went back to normal (6300s as she is lvl8) and suddenly she is all bloody and walking twisted as now her health status says 1300/6300. The total health jumping makes no sense

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Now that you explain it that way my wife and I where playing on our server. She had a Areana Champion spawned in She’s had quite awhile not sure the level spawned in at 25,000 or so. Areana Champion almost died fighting NPC,S holding belly and bleeding. Under a thousand points.The only way I have managed to get one killed was lava in volcano. Wish I could rember where it happened. Could be A spot or circumstance that is bugged

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