Did someone at devs upload the wrong build to PC Gamepass ( 403075/34529 ) vs Steam ( 408113/34671)?

I play on pc gamepass, the I uninstalled and re-installed this afternoon, the Conan build is 403075/34529. I cannot connect to any server every server is shown as invalid.

I installed the Steam version of the game, the steam version of Conan is on build 408113/34671. I can connect to all the game servers.

Did someone screw up and uploaded wrong build to the PC gamepass?

Or does Conan always have different build number on different PC platforms??

No update has been pushed, and reinstalling installs a busted build, No ones commenting on it and it’s starting to piss me off. It needs to get fixed.

yup exactly my situation. I don’t know how they can screw up something like uploading the right game build lol. :frowning: Hopefully someone from devs realize this soon and has the issue fixed.

Exactly the same here

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