Did someone mention arrows?


I’m one of those whom has mixed feelings on arrows. I’m glad there’s this arrow innovation, but I believe its crossed the realm of Conan and into World of Warcraft. I like the gritty “pseudo realism” as Oscar mentioned. Arrows causing bleed penetration damage is a great concept. The better the bow and piercing arrow, the greater the bleed stack and the damage.
Tar arrows? No. How can a tiny arrow that holds a half cup of tar at most shatter into 2 gallons of tar?
Healing arrows? Quick, I’m dying! Someone shoot me in the face with a healing arrow! …no.
Exploding arrows? Only if you’re Rambo. A bottle rockets worth of explosive shouldn’t do that much damage. I built a collar of crenilated fence out of throwing range of fire orbs. Now there are these occursed exploding Rambo arrows to deal with.
Fire arrows? Yes! If they hit a tree it should burn up. If gas it should explode. If it’s a wooden object or oil, let it burn!


I, too, like the gritty realism of the game, but that was compromised long ago with map rooms (which i do like).


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