Did the dlc announcement anger more people then it made happy?

Lol come on man. Building a base that takes up entire sections of the map, despawns NPC camps, dragons, brimstone (as in the shattered springs spammers) couldn’t be more obvious as to illegal building.

Placing foundations for no other reason then to claim land - also a no no.

They’ve repeatedly said build your bases only large enough to accommodate your crafting and living space. I mean, I’ve seen bases that take up two or more grids on the map.

I think the rules, especially the updated rules with bullet points, could not be clearer.

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Are you already using them? I can’t till I get home from work but I am excited this will make some cool looking structures. I see a hogworts in my future.

The rules works to prevent the toxic trolls when its ovius that they brake the rules when its extream but not when the build is to big and so one. ITs impseble to say its clear wher the line is when a build become bad!

But tell me excat when its to big and when it create to mutch lagg and how many ex iron nods is ok to build on?

Spec when they cud have fixt it on a so mutch smother way on so many levels!

Another thing from the gamedev world and why most game devs avoid forums for their own games - everyone else always can do it better :wink: lol

My smooth way is I dont play on public servers where the trolls and griefers love to play to get off on ruining the experience for everyone else. Private servers are ALWAYS the answer for me and I’ve never had a problem and have enjoyed my experience immensely.


So tell us what you would suggest. :slightly_smiling_face: How would you set the rules?


Good luck, mate! I hope you have more fun than the rest of us did the last time we had this particular conversation with this particular person:

Personally, I’m not going to bother this time, especially given this undeniably convincing counterargument:


Oh thanks for the link @CodeMage

No need to bother @Masmassu I can read your answer there.

It’s not. If you have to ask if your base is too big…It is.

And despawing a few iron nodes is not what they mean when they say, “despawning resources and spawn points.” Seriously, man…You can’t be this slow?

If a map has a boss nearby and it no longer spawns because of your build - It’s in violation.

If a map has a section with it’s only resource (or it’s main supply) such as Shattered Spring and your base causes it to despawn - It’s a violation.

I mean seriously…It is not hard to know what is a violation of the rules.

*Hehe i just told the the boss spawn and wling in stuff was clear not the rest!

So yes as i asked when is s build to big? You are only talking about the extrem lawbraking and the extrem safe mod, thats not the problem whit the rules.

But you did not come up whit anything close to convining arumets! Dont play winner when you was wrong!

Um…what? What language are you speaking? Forgive me, but are you using a translator to post.

Same question.

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Yes you did not awner it the last time!

Why? No really, why?

What’s worst case scenario? They cease development and officials shut down? All I’ve got to do is update mods. You’re wasting your time making the financial argument.

When I login to Conan Exiles, I have fun building, killing stuff, maybe doing some RP here and there. My experience is pretty good. Been doing this for three years.

When you login to Conan Exiles, you stare at a broken mess for however long, and have been doing that for a year and a half.

But maybe you like that? I don’t. As I’ve said, I’ve left games for far less than what you’re experiencing. Including ones I’ve had over a decade invested in. Such as Everquest 2 when they released the Blood of Luclin expansion. It was crap. The content was boring. The balance was way off. And it wasn’t worth the price that was paid. I haven’t played EQ2 since, I haven’t bought to 1-2 expansions that came out since, and I do not plan to buy the one that just came out. Nor am I playing on their TLE servers.

But you’re different. You sit here and play a broken state of a game (for you) for a year an a half. And then accuse me of being a fanboy lol.

I don’t play broken games for a year and a half, I don’t even give them a week and a half. Why do you?


I’ve realised my one problem with the dlc - now I have to abandon my half-finished base down south and move up north immediately, lol



You could even take it with you if you fancy to do so :wink:


Most likely he will not respond, he may be on a short vacation. ** :sunglasses:**

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No ony a general speculoation in what is in this to extrem safe/unsafe boxes.

Not when a build become to big, create to mutch lag or blocking to mutch resouses. You cant cause the rules are so unclear so not enven funcom knows exact when you pass the line to brake the rule!

Seriously, I’m not trying to make fun of you, but WHAT are language is your first…I’m trying to figure out what you’re saying, and since you’re using words that don’t exist, I have to assume it’s not English?

Hey fellas, don’t mind a little heat and smoke coming out of this thread today but I’d like to ask @Masmassu to please leave your feedback about our updated official server policies in the “main” thread going right now (HERE) instead of continuing the argue in this topic.

Aside from that, carry on I guess but as a general reminder, please avoid personal attacks and please try to be objective and constructive when making points - even if it’s to dunk on us. Thanks :slight_smile: