Did the latest update end my private server forever?

I ran a private server with mods that are unlikely to be updated. If mods need to be updated for the game to even run… then I’m absolutely [email protected] out of a long game my friends and I had been playing. Forever.

If this is the case, I want a refund.

The game runs as long as you only load with your modlist.txt mods that are compatible.

Unfortunately, this is a risk your run once you start using 3rd party mods. Mod authors provide them for free and they can stop supporting them at any given point. Funcom can’t stop deleloping the game because a modder stopped supporting one or another mod.

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Remove the mods. The game will then work.

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Have you tried figuring out which mods are causing the problem and removing them? (A lot of mods have already been updated, but as always with an update some won’t be - but most mods should be things that would be non-fatal to remove - you might lose the things specifically associated with that mod, but you should at least be able to get back into the game.)

(Worth making sure you have backups of the save file before making changes, just in case.)

Turns out there may only be one mod that hasn’t been updated after all, so Funcom is off the hook - for now.

Wait your OP was serious?

What kind of world do you live in where you think Funcom is responsible for mods staying up to date?


It is ok, they are off the hook for now, Taemien.


Funcom isn’t responsible if a mod author chooses not to update their mods anymore. Nor is it a required responsibility for a mod author to always keep their stuff updated, and can leave the Conan community at any time for any reason.

That is your assumed risk for using mods for a game still making improvements and new content.

-Signed, a mod author.


That’s why I don’t use mods. I know they make a lot of things easier but if they decide to update their mods you can be a lot of trouble. Funcom has no responsibility with mods. You always use mods at your own risk.


Yep. That’s why I was very pleased to spot that @Multigun has updated an older mod (Limestone Buildings - thanks for giving that one a new lease of life :slight_smile: sometimes a build really calls for pure white, without all the extra trimmings of the DLC stuff) - that means I’ll be able to get back into an old save and finish a few things that I left unfinished. But when I installed the mod, Multigun had already made clear it was a lower priority for upgrade, and I understood that to mean that someday it might break permanently. That’s essentially the choice I make every time I install a mod - I enjoy the flexibility mods give me to tailor my game, so I accept the risk that they could potentially just stop functioning sometimes and older saves may become inaccessible. If I wasn’t willing to accept that, then I just wouldn’t use mods.


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