Did the unnamed city improvements made it into the patch?

quick question.:slight_smile:
ill write my review later today., but so far so good :slight_smile:

I believe so, as per the patch notes. Haven’t had time to check it in person though.

All I can say, as a max-level, there be some new nasties in there that I don’t really want to meet again. Still patching my wounds and still can’t find my nose :slight_smile:


heart of a hero, what is taht good for?

Apparently for feeding the locals :joy:

seriously any uses?

Tastes nice with a touch of oregano


there is no oregano in the game. thanks for being such helfull ,

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As per the Wiki, it’s used in a recipe to create something called “Devil’s Bonemeal” (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Devil’s_Bonemeal)

What that is in turn used for I don’t know, unless it’s simply some kind of superfood (it’s listed as a consumable). Then again it’s also listed as an “Ingredient” so it might be alchemy-related.

It removes all corruption


I guess that makes sense given the many areas inside the Unnamed City that gives corruption.

For Players over lvl 60 it is possible to add more feat points by using newly added Fragments of Power"

Is it possible to go over level 60 and how do we get more feat points?

No it is not possible to exceed level 60, that is our current level cap. I have not played the current improvements, however I am led to believe that we get the extra feat points if we consume a Fragment of Power. The increase is permanent, and the additional points will not be lost if we respec using the Yellow Lotus Potion.


Tried one today. It did not remove corruption.

Edit: The raw heart works.

It worked for me this morning. Weird.

I like it. Previously the Unnamed City was something I did once each playthrough: just for discovery XP. And after that the city was just a poor zone with an awkward atmosphere, obstructing Sepermeru.

Now it’s a level 60+ zone nearby in the desert!.


The unnamed city is an amazing end-game loop. I been farming it all day and having a jolly blast.

The Hearts of Heroes remove corruption when eaten, which is very practical when doing my rounds at the UC, where I have to fight the named boss in corruption inside the aviary and the citadel. The Devils Bonemeal… I’m still not sure what it’s for.

Skelos Robe pieces drop from Volcano mobs now… Think that bonemeal might be Skelos related? Just my guess. Bonemeal might also be used for some legendary weapons? I am wildly guessing. Will see when i get back to base.

Update: Naw… just Sandbeast Glands and stuff required for some of the legendaries.

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It did indeed. Spent more time in the Unnamed City today than I have in the previous 1000 hours of play time. Got some legendary armor, and unlocked a couple feats. One a poison imbued axe seems useful, the other being a pair of broken wine bottles that essentially work like daggers, and although they say they apply bleed I didn’t see it apply when using them.

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Ah. It’s the “Heart of a Hero” (raw) that removes corruption - thought you were talking about the Devil’s Bonemeal! Mystery solved :slight_smile:

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What is this Devil’s Bonemeal you speak of?