DId they nerf Pearl drop from Dungeon of Dagon?

Only the first two bosses seem to drop pearls, and its very minimal. Yet everywhere i see people talk like they leave the dungeon with 50 to 100 pearls. No other boss is dropping them.

I’ve farmed 100 pearls there, had to because I lost my harvesting shield. The way I did it was:

  1. Kill the first boss, collect 3-14 pearls
  2. Kill the second boss, collect 3-14 pearls
  3. If [pearls] < 100, go to 1, else end.

It was pretty painful.

Made the whole dungeon ~3-4 weeks ago, because of fish-skin and only the 2 first human bosses dropped pearls.
The human endboss didnt drop any pearl.

But: its RNG. I often only got 1 pearl. But I also got sometimes >10 pearls.

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